Thursday, August 23, 2001

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Hello, and welcome to NeetGeek! where NEET meets geek, a blog about my best interests which are namely Video Games, Games Programming, Animes, and various fanboy stuffs which catch my eyes.

About myself
My real name is Gerald, although I frequently use the online handle "Faylar" in various places. Around 10 years ago, I go by the handle "Edgar" and spent my early teens surfing gaming forums, mostly Eyes on FF, if it still exists. I enjoy watching animes, though I tend to be slow on them; I don't really use my free time to browse animes.

I love playing video games and usually take them seriously to the point it might be considered an obsession. I enjoy playing competitively, espacially in fighting games and RTS. This includes Starcraft, Dawn of War, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Blazblue, Guilty Gear and possible many more. I (used to) frequent arcades and mindlessly spend tokens after tokens just playing them fighting games.

I'm also a programmer (not progammer), mostly specialized in the field of game development. I'm currently studying in Digipen Singapore for a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. I enjoy making physics engines, some possibly other engines once I learn how to do them, and I really do enjoy making games despite the rigorousness. I also love playing all kinds of board games.

Before I forget, I'm from Singapore. Any Singaporean viewing this may feel free to contact me :)

Can you draw?
Not really. No. I'm still saddened by that fact and hope to change that because there are a ton of stuff you can do (rather, I want to do) if you are just able to draw. Hopefully this will change soon.

Sports? Do you play/watch soccer?
I'm not a soccer fan, but if I were, I would support Juventus. I used to play basketball and used to support Indiana Pacers because of Reggie Miller. And I love badminton.

Any plans in the future?
As of this update, I'm beginning my studies as a DigiPen Bsc. in Game Design student. As far as this blog is concerned, I'll try my best to update as much as I can (that's what every blogger says), and I've come this far already, so it's unlikely that I will stop. Except to see certain posts targeting towards DigiPen itself from today onwards.

What is a "Faylar"?
I was just getting started playing Everquest and I had to pick a name. I opened up the Forgotten Realms Campaign Settings book (the 3.0e one) and search for elven names and found "Faelar". Game didn't approve the name so I change to "Faylar".

...what are you disappointed?

What about "Edgar"?
My favorite FFVI character. Nuff said.

Hobbies and interests? Aside from playing games?
I can play the piano quite well, although I'm currently out of touch. I'm still trying to get back the skills at the moment.

I can also recognize Japanese. Though it's nowhere near the level of fluency, I still know enough to identify details in trading card games and also translate some simple sentences.

Outside that, I spend most of the rest of my free time programming games and doing research on such related topics.

What consoles do you own?
Up to this date, I own the following:
- PlayStation 2
- PlayStation 3
- PlayStation Portable
- Xbox 360
- Nintendo Wii
- Nintendo DS

What game genres do you REALLY like?
I enjoy all genres of gaming, but I'm slightly biased towards RTS and Fighting games, and to a lesser extent, simulation games and city building games.

List your top 10 best games of all time.
I'm just going to list out what's on my head, in no particular order, as of this update:
- Everquest (the first one)
- Baldur's Gate series
- Starcraft series
- Metal Gear Solid series
- Portal (soon to be series)
- Mount and Blade
- Civilization 4
- Kingdom Hearts series (all of them)
- Final Fantasy 6
- Fallout 1/2/Brotherhood (basically, those not made by Bethesda)

Last words?
Thanks for everyone who followed the blog or subscribed to the feed. It gives me all the motivation to update the blog. Do drop comments when you can and I'll try my best to reply them (they are forwarded to my email, thanks to Disqus).

-updated 1st May 2011-