Friday, August 21, 2015

LiSA in Singapore 2015 recount!

I can't believe I forgot about blogging about this, but the truth is, the performance was so great that there really isn't much to say. It's pretty much close to undescribable, like most other concerts I attended.

The concert is what I expected it to be plus a bit more. Lisa is, as usual, energetic, engaging and terrific on stage. The plus side I got was that the VIP seats were extremely close to the stage, closest that I have ever been to a j-rock/pop concert.

Overall a great performance! Her hugging a minion passed to her by her fans and accidentally slipping and falling onto it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime bloopers that will never be released on any media, like how Minorin fell down the stage when I attended her concert 2 years back.

And...that's it! Anything more would be just me describing a regular awesome concert, going about "how awesome the guitar/bass/keyboard/sound system/pacing/etc" was. However, as much as I would like to end it here, there was one part that's quite annoying for me.

There were like 2 girls sitting in front of me who, I assumed, were huge fans of LiSA. There were sections where the crowd is 'not supposed' to sing along but they went ahead and sang anyway, which in some perspective I find it okay because, hey, they paid for their seats right, and from their perspective, they were supporting her.

The two girls kept turning around going "SHHH SHHH!" trying to silence the entire crowd. While I understand why they want to do so, I find that it is extremely annoying and disrespectful. In a sense, it seems as if they do not accept the crowd, who paid for their seats, to be her fans. Seriously they were staring daggers to the crowd behind them, trying their best at failing to shush them. It almost ruined the entire experience for me.

Well I won't talk so much about fans; all of them show their love for the aritste in different ways. I believe that LiSA need more fans that are as passionate as those girls, but it's what they did at the point that felt over the top and uncalled for...almost to the point where it feels un-fan-like.

Oh well I won't rant so much. The concert was great and worth every single penny. I'll definitely attend her concert when I'm in Japan ^^

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 2015 Update! SG50 version?!

Singapore's National Day has passed again, this time it's 50th year since independance. I'm personally not very patrotic when it comes to my country, but I do appreciate what it had done. Because of that, I don't really have many comments about what was done to celebrate this milestone. Some people say it's excessive, putting SG50 onto everything from locally themed apps, to fishcakes shaped to the number 50, some form of  50 extra something in any product. I just feel that it's fine. People are too whiney, seriously. I mean, it's okay to whine, but I feel that this kind of excessive celebration is justified.

Anyway, I got to enjoy the long holiday. My FF14 grind has finally stablized and I took lots of time off to practice my piano. I'm picking songs that are within the range of my abilities this time, so hopefully I'll get to upload more recordings. Hopefully.

Being a bit free during the long weekend, I realized that I have 10k yen unspent on the Nintendo eShop so I did some small shopping. I ended up buying 3 small games:

1) ハコボーイ. Pretty cool platformer game where you literally play as a box-shaped boy (we know it's a boy because he's trying to find box-girls...I guess?). It's your standard platformer with a novel mechanic, the kind of thing which you expect to see out of Digipen. I won't elaborate so much about the mechanic but it's pretty neat and you should spend the...what...500 yen to try.

2) 魔神少女. This plays like a repackaged Megaman. If you like megaman, you should try this.

3) コンビニドリーム. Basically you run a convenience store. What I find interesting is that it's made by Arc System works, who are famous for making fighting games like Blazblue and Guilty Gear. I totally did not expect them to make something like this. Probably it's an experimentation?

Moving away from games, I was initially planning to use this long weekend to plan for my yearly Japan trip in November. Unforunately (or fortunately?), there is apparently a chance I would be sent there to work. Obviously I'm happy to hear this, since it creates the best case scenario where I can just go Japan and do whatever I want without caring about planning any iternary, but at the same time it created the worst case scenario where I do not get sent and have to do last minute planning for my trip. The worst case is not that bad but well, it's annoying still. I do want to go there on November just to see Minorin at the Animax concert.

Why don't I go early this year since she holds a Summer Camp concert every start of August? Well, this year the timing is pretty bad and I'm not a fan of summer either. August is quite an incredible month though. It has animelo and comiket on top of the concert.. Wow, if I am staying for the whole of August in Japan, it will be an incredibly busy month for me lol!

Well, hopefully it happens. It feels like that's potentially alot of things for me to do in Japan. Going to arcades to spend precious time and money is just the tip of the iceberg it seems, thought I will probably end up dogging in FF14, but the alternatives are there at least!

No point talking more about it until it happens I guess ^^;;