Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

It's *that* time of the year again!

Time really flies when you are working. This year is the first year I spent all year as a working adult and before I knew it, 2014 has gone. What has happened over the year? It's hard to recollect either because too many things happened, or nothing particularly interesting happened. Time flies so fast it gets harder to tell what happened when.

A short summary of things that happened include my start of playing FF14, going to Japan to attend Minorin's concert and GGXrd's release are the 3 main awesome things that happened. Work this year has been pretty awesome too! Slowly getting where I want to be. It's funny how dreams and ambitions change over time, huh. Like how you realize you are extremely comfortable doing this one set of things and the realization of how uncomfortable you will be if you are in a position of your dreams. 

There's many things I want to do, and want to be able to do since last year, and the year before, and the year before that. In the end though, I just want to be able to do 3 things: make games, play games, go Japan.  I guess everything else is secondary and nice to have. Like how I really want to play more piano pieces, or make more games in my free time, maybe play more basketball, and sleep more! But free time doesn't come by easily as it used to, neither do I want to stop working. I guess it's more like I want more hours in a day? It's just impossible to have everything so I'm content with what I have.

Habits change too. I stopped drinking coffee regularly and have been looking into drinking different flavors of tea. I'm back to drinking coke for sugar rush if I need it. Kind of reminds myself of those days back in school! And it's awesome now that I'm working, I get to play games all day without anyone nagging on me ^_^. 

But even after working for a year, my body still isn't used to it. I'm constantly tired due to lack of sleep, mostly because I love playing games late into the night, so it's partially my fault for that. However, I'm not going to stop just because of that. I guess I have to find a better way to get some shut-eye or be more disciplined to sleep earlier. Hmm, I think that's a pretty good New Year's Resolution! 

My exhaustion has some side effects I think. I no longer have as much energy to care about my surroundings. Which is good, I think. It's about time I allow myself to be selfish, and care not about things that I cannot do anything about. Like when I upset someone accidentally over a minor issue, I would just get all upset too for like a week wondering how I can resolve it, creating weird ass delusions and plans, only to make a bigger sacrifice on my part to make another happy. Now I think, hey it's a minor issue, I'm really sorry, please get over it, hope you understand, the end. As much as I like watching drama, I hate it just as much. Drama is such a complete waste of energy; a hemorrhage. Such energy is better spent elsewhere! Oh well, let's end this rant. ^^

It's really been a good year overall. Things are most certainly slowly stabilizing and the rides are getting smoother and more enjoyable! ^^