Thursday, August 16, 2007

SBO 07

Those who haven't seen it yet just search it at YouTube.

This year's was great to watch and I feel that it is much more fun to watch compared to 05 and 06. GGAC was a blast to watch with Ogawa and mike leading their team to the finals. Still, it was fun to watch BLEED's Johnny, Machabo's Ky, N-Otoko's Venom and KA2. I watched it all in a single night and I partly regretted not saving some for my attachment. How could I? One match is as great as the next.

I haven't touched Melty Blood for a long time, much less Version B. The MBAC tournament is actually fun to watch now that I get to see probably almost the entire cast at play instead of only 20% of them. Damn, Melty Blood has evolved and changed so damn much. Satsuki's qcb+A is JCable? Wtf! A lot of characters also seems a hell lot stronger now.

I want to go Japan :(