Friday, June 8, 2007

War. War never changes.

Hopefully it doesn't get worse.

Inc Fallout 3 teaser!

I don't even remember how long I waited for this. The earliest memory was when I was secondary 1 or 2 hunting pirated shops for it because I saw the old Fallout 3: No Mutants Allowed cover online and was excited (or stupid) enough not to check whether it's been released or not.

One can only hope Bethesda doesn't mess this up. I'm not as forgiving as the Ctrl-Alt-Del guy (Tim Buckley). My expectations are pretty high compared to his. I'm not going to forgive them if they did a poor job out of it. So far Bethesda haven't made a single good game I can think of, so I'm kinda skeptical that F3 will deliver. But it's F3 so I must hope and not tell some people about it lest bad things happen *cough*