Thursday, January 24, 2008

[Random] Thai Pusam?

Throughout the 20 years in my life, I have not heard of this...festival.

So I simply ran headfirst into the middle of it. The middle of Thambiland. At its peak.

It was incredibly crowded. In fact it was so crowded I can't see shit. This is a totally different kind of 'can't see shit because its crowded'. This is darkness we are talking about. How the hell do people actually see what's going on on the road. I can barely see some random guy dancing around in front of some banner. It was really really hard to see. Not much of a surprise there though, considering the amount of times I walked past this place and almost missed them completely.

I think these Hindus have darkvision, or something. And I think they identify each other by smell. Holy crap, I think they do! All of them have the same bloody haircut, as if they only went to a singular barber. The ones WHICH don't are probably gays. Yes I spotted a couple and it was fairly significant. They looked less...of their kind.

But the topic here is Thai Pusam. The roadblocks made of steel and flesh everywhere, stretching from the start of Little India (the road towards SLS) all the way to Race Course Road (safe point).

To be honest, I felt a little scared. I'm afraid to speak about anything that has to do with them. What if I let slip a silly comment and a stupid one misinterprets it and starts beating me up. All of them will zerg me and the police can't do shit. They will probably cut up my body and sell them back in form of a mutabak. Paranoid? Better safe than sorry.

I should've snapped a shot, I really should, but I'm now using a camera-less phone. A zerg of the Hindu people is madness. I have seen zergs of chinese in Shanghai, large tourist groups of Eurasians, and probably zergs of blacks and all. They all looked different from each other, somehow (although botak people always gives me problems most of the time). The Little India crowd I'd always felt I lost my way because I thought I passed by the same person trice.

Lesson, stay away from Little India. God I bet the drain along the way home was filled with stuff.

Monday, January 14, 2008

[Random] First weeks of Jan

Its been a pretty fun week. Learning japanese now is rather fun, and attending lessons makes me feel happy, although I'm not that keen on learning katakana (katakana vocab test next week?! katakana VOCAB? >. all other builds that do better at what I'm doing". Ignoring him seems to work. So far.

I just ordered my X360 from Oldman. He'd better pick me good games or I'll fry him. YH and Dom were quarreling about the possession of Travis' X360 I heard...good thing I wasn't there. Seems that after 3 months of attachment, things aren't going so well. I mean it's quite a strange situation sometimes. Dom can be so damned blur at times, but he is much more reasonable than YH can be. While YH is damn aware of things around him, but he has shit for logic sometimes.

Why am I the only passive intern around in the company. Sadly, I don't really plan to stay in the company. I no longer find joy in making big huge 3D games anymore. I spent too much time making them, staying up late to produce results and rushing every weekly deadline. I guess I'm one who loses interest easily if I don't see any REAL progress for myself. Actually, no. I guess I just hate building engines. I'm okay with doing them, SIMPLE versions of them, but once you start adding maths and crazy requirements, I'm out. I want to use tools, not make them. I want to use a hammer, not create one.

That's why I enjoy 2D games. That's why I like to script and play with editors. That's why I love DnD. Ok here we go again :p

Its getting late now. I guess I'd better sleep.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's been a new year and I felt old, again.

I just passed my japanese testto skip elementary course...but I'm not sure if I should join. NS may be up sooner than I expect.

I have been playing too much DnD for the past couple of weeks. I can taste the mushroom swiss double in my mouth now...

Hmm, to join or not to join?