Tuesday, January 2, 2007

MMO burnout record: 2 days

I'm typing this in shame because I gave into the temptation of buying a WoW time card for 50 bucks all because I'm interested to see what's new and since accessing it is easier as compared to, say, EQ2.

It feels like COH/COV. The feeling I'm getting is exactly the same. Angry at myself because I felt I threw $50 just like that. Frustrated because the game doesn't suck me in anymore, instead it repels me. Upset because I gave into temptation. It's like those times COH release their content patches. $60 jump back into the game, out in 2 days. When I was playing I was like "damn I bet I have like 100 things better to do than to level this gnome lock". Everything felt exactly the same, even when I'm on the alliance side. It's just more unbearable because I hate the alliance scene overall. It's exactly like the time I bought COV, the exact same fucking feeling of hope, and the exactly same feeling of utmost disappointment.

Basically, what I had experienced with my old and new character is exactly the same as what I felt 2 years back. WoW is still the same PvP /PvE game, just more instances, more talents, a few balancing issues and more 'fun'. It's like COV, it's exactly the same as CoH just more instances, more powers, more ATs, etc etc. Not to mention that magic/fantasy is getting really really fucking old. After replaying WoW, and thinking that Vanguard has the same setting, I can't really see myself playing it.

I think I quit MMOs. Everything's the fucking same.

*takes out Fallout Tactics*