Sunday, July 1, 2007

Movie: "Transformers"

I just watched the Transformers movie just yesterday and it turned out to be probably the most unnecessary-scene-filled movie I ever saw. It has it's good parts, having humor catered to geeks like me, funny quotes and stuff. The movie is just like every other movie out there, with action, romance, love and twists; what I believed crippled what was supposed to be a great movie.

I don't really claim to be a Transformers fan, but it is what I grew up on so I'll be judging it based on that and not just on the movie. How can I? If I want to judge something based on the movie itself, they might as well make a brand new IP. It's like Juggernaut from X-men who looked like a whim and does not seem to recognize Xavier as his own brother...I don't think fans like that.

I only managed to recognize Optimus Prime when he transform because of his familiar color scheme and the fact that he has two car window breasts. The rest I couldn't really recognize them. Bumblebee is recognizable only because he is a yellow car with black strips and has some bee-like accessory hanging at the car's rear view mirror. Otherwise, he looked like scrap metal, just like the rest. Plus, Bumblebee is supposed to be a mini or something, definitely not a sports car. Starscream looked very alike to Megatron. I keep confusing them both throughout the movie.

Every fighting scene looked very well done, except for that fact that I couldn't see what's happening. Imagine two robots, both 80% silver-scrap-metal color, and random parts about, duking it out. I can't see shit man. I think the Starscream's aerial dogfight is the best, mostly because I can see what's going on.

There's that scene with a half-body Bumblebee being dragged around on a pickup truck...I think everyone knows it's supposed to be a scene about friendship etc etc, but wtf I can't see what's going on. Okay, bumblebee is being dragged around shooting at random The significance dropped during the entire scene.

The worst is probably the anti-climatic ending with Megatron getting killed by the Allspark which he sought after for so long. Megatron went like "gimme gimme", he absorbed the Allspark and just died gg no re. He just died. Afterwards we were presented of the scene of a happy ending, sunset over the horizon, main character kissing main character's girlfriend, Optimus NARRATING the entire scene. Does anyone know what happened to the cool fat nigga and the other girl? I thought they were supposed to play a really significant part of the show! They did NOTHING. Wtf? IF I try to remember, they disappeared at the 3/4 part of the scene.

It could really be done better all in all.