Friday, February 18, 2011

Dots and Circles!

Alright, it's finally time!
Here's presenting Yee Howe's and my Digipen's first semester's game project made using ProjectFun! Here's a quick rundown of the game and should explain things better than the website:

1) Control a big circular object
2) Change 'type' by Left Clicking
3) Collect small circular objects that is the same type as you
4) Hit different types of objects and you die
5) 3 lives, aim for high score!

View and download the game HERE!

Comments and feedbacks are much appreciated. We might be considering bringing this further hopefully when we get the time and porting to other devices such as the iPad!

This game is copyrighted by Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!

Somehow, I managed to put aside some time to post just to let everyone know that I'm still alive. Never before have I thought that Chinese New Year was godsend because it gives me more time to work on my assignments and projects. Digipen life is choking everyone with one tough assignment after the other.

It's been painful, but less unnerving than last semester so far. Maybe because most of us are already used to the pace. Well it's still hard to say this early in the semester...

This year is a Rabbit year. Not just any usagi, but a HAGANE usagi...whatever that means. I've just checked a few random horoscopes sites and none of them seem to give me a useful or proper advice to copy pasta here. I guess I'll stick with my knowing that that animal represents a lot of things related to 'wealth' and 'luck'.

Right now I have a whole wealth of animes and a couple of games waiting to be unlocked from my new 1.5TB hard disk. The only problem is whether I have the time to spend to play/watch them. I'm still trying my best to make tomorrow free for myself so enjoy CNY instead of working. Tons of assignments due. Most of them with deadlines closer than I would've liked.

I managed to catch GSL last week thanks to John, and watched MVP trashed MKP mercilessly 4-0. Not really the best finals in the world of competition I guess, but it's still an okay watch. It's always amazing to see MVP in action. Almost like watching Daigo in SSF4.

I still have plans for this blog and I'm still motivated to keep it alive as long as I breathe. There's not going to be much of an update due to work and all; in fact I think the next update won't be until spring break right after midterms.

As for gaming, yes I'm still playing games. At least, Monster Hunter Portable 3 has been keeping me and my friends company while we are taking a break from work together. We need to gear up and get out of HR6 soon :)

Here's wishing everyone blog a Happy Lunar New Year! And of course no picture more fitting than Tewi :)