Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vanguard rant

I'm surprised I still have the time to blog. Vanguard: SoH is eating up my time, hard. I haven't played any game for around 15 hours in a row for a long long time. In a row! Fuck man. My projects are doomed lol. Still, I have to force myself to get away from Vanguard for tomorrow. Work is still work, they must be done before it's too late

So today I logged in and discovered today is Valentine's due to some emo people. I dunno why people are bothered about Valentine's; I probably never will know. Valentine's was always just another day for me. This Valentine's is a bit special because I'm gonna spend my time playing the buggiest MMO I ever played.

What a buggy MMO okay. I don't know how the hell Mcquaid fucking did it. Vanguard is littered with bugs and 2 of the continents seemed to be complete only until level 10-14. Despite all these shit, I'm having a blast with the game. Why? I honestly don't know. Maybe it's the atmosphere, the environment, the immersing graphics and design? Maybe it's the animation of my finishing blows cleanly falling its victim? Maybe it's the incredibly deep system of the 3 Spheres: Adventuring, Crafting, Diplomacy. Vanguard, in my opinion, has a hell lot of potential, and I hope that soon they will harness this potential to become a truly godly MMO better than what I experienced in EQ1.

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