Sunday, May 24, 2009

Haruhi 2 out!

Thanks to karlson for informing me.

Episode was pretty awesome, was almost exactly as I imagined when I read the light novel (translated of course) @ Baka Tsuki.

Monday, May 11, 2009

21st birthday!

Best party ever! Thanks everyone who came and attended. Thanks for shin kiat for the collared shirt (which my wardrobe lack, and how the hell you know my size? lol), thanks to my NS pals for all the great fun you gave me (and yourselves) and the StarCraft board game present. I'll try my best to figure out the rules. And most espacially, thanks to all those who chipped in for the unexpected surprise present, which I believe was Kalvin, Weilian, Trevor, Minfu(?), Yuzhang (1314!), Zhaohan(?), heck no one told me who chipped in man lol. And thanks John alot for coming up with that surprise. Was really not expecting that. I kinda forgot what game I really want to play on that console.

For the SMS's, thanks to those that msged me but couldn't make it. Boonkin, hope you go through JCC safely. Minfu, hope you get well soon (or not, if you want Attend C rofl). Howle, hope your mum gets well soon.

Overall it's a great chalet, seeing everyone play SF4 over the night. Star Trek was pretty nice show, although it has too much talk and too little action. John getting drunk. Cake smashed on my face. Twice. The weird stuff you all did on me with that stacking game.

I really appreciate everything everyone did to me. It was all fun :) Thanks for the great 21st :p