Friday, October 26, 2007

A step back to Neverwinter

I've done it again. I have reinstalled NWN1 to play around with it (and glimpse into its toolset). I heard that NWN2 isn't really polished yet, which means my com probably still can't run it above 30fps.

I have never taken NWN1 seriously. Back then, I felt dungeons tend to be monotonous and I never did appreciate the number crunching then. Back then, I only wanted to see big numbers and have fun PLing myself. Back then, when I hadn't experienced actual PnP DnD. That was before I actually opened my DnD Player's Handbook and examined its contents. Back then, I felt NWN felt like another D2 with Forgotten Realms material.

So I went back again, knowing better, and decided to play it through again. Properly. As in...with a munchkin sense, instead of blindly killing, and leveling up.

What a poor choice of class I chose.

I wanted to make a Fighter/Weapon Master. I accidentally made him lawful (cannot multiclass to Barbarian) but that didn't really make me feel too bad. At first, I felt awesome. Everything I face got cleaved to death. Nothing can stop me. I felt a little OP actually...until my first encounter with an even level sorcerer. Fireball is fucking painful. Killed me outright at the first blast. That sorcerer wasn't so bad to be honest, compared to the next few spellcasters I faced.

That's when things start to go downhill. Fighters are fucking vulnerable to every shit thrown to them. I got slowed, blasted by Fireballs, chilled to death by Ice Storms, webbed, entangled, held, paralyzed and stunned. Worse, I can't hit them with their Mage Armor+Invisibility on them. I drank tons of potions, including buff potions of whatever was avaliable to me (nothing that really helps spell-resistance though). And no matter what henchmen I brought with me, the results were the same.

Dammit, time to play some cleric.