Sunday, October 18, 2015

October in Japan!

I have finally settled down and have enough space and time to blog a bit. 

Well, the pieces are slowly coming together in my stay here. SIM card arrived a week ago, allowing me to freely travel to...places (ie Akiba). Before that, Johnny and I were sharing this Wifi rent thingy. It has caused a lot of inconveniences mainly because we cannot be separated from one another, otherwise we would not be able to contact the rest of the world. Internet is a wonderful thing /sobs.

So how's my stay so far?

Before I left, I already know from a 3rd person point of view that I do not want to move out of my comfort zone, so I created like a bunch of er...barriers? Okay that sounded very 'chuuni' but that's the gist of it. At the same time, obviously I want to work in Japan at least once because it has been a lifelong dream of mine, after many many years of modifications.

So yes, I got homesick for the first week either ways. My colleagues helped a lot in making me feel at home. My crib is slowly shaping up and I'm settling down. Room at the moment is still a mess and lacking some storage space, but with the amazing Japanese amazon services, I can pretty much get anything I want from my house. 

It's only a month so far, most of the things they said about Japan is true. 

Alcohol is cheap; I already almost done with my small bottles of Bowmore 12 and Glenfiddich 12, and halfway through the 1000-yen huge Suntory bottle. 

Japanese colleagues get to know you by asking if you drink or smoke, which it is actually okay if you say 'No' to both (my team has very few people who drink). 

Service here is ridiculous. There is an amazing about of pride in being behind counters and making deliveries, etc. I mean, I know it's amazing since I have been to Japan, but to see the same guy doing it every single morning is something to marvel at in my opinion. It's so amazing that when you are feeling down, just buy something at the convenience store; you'll feel slightly happier.

I find it a nice place to stay overall. The weather now is also super good (it's Autumn now), 10 billion times better than the stupid retarded haze we are/were having in Singapore. 

What seems kind strange now is that if I were sent to Japan 2 or 3 years ago, I would probably be doing different things, like playing Kancolle and similar games, probably buying card games stuff (that's what I usually go Akiba for) and hitting the arcades. Now I'm like playing Touran because there's this character I really like (actually now it's like a few more of them), and also because the game is much easier to pick up compared to Kancolle. 

I think I'm becoming fudanshi?? (or was always one but didn't know?? /thinks)

I mean just yesterday I visited Akiba and it's like "omg kashuu cups" and "omg kenma towels". I just strolled through the entire KinMosa, GochiUsa and Non Non Biyori sections.