Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 months later in America!


I'm finally in America. Just one more semester to go! Seattle's pretty great so far. Everyone here is extremely friendly and nice to me. It's really cold though, and it's just going to get colder.

Yes, this is another revival post. Blogger has change so much since I last left. I hope they opened enough features for me to further customize the layout of this site. Thinking back then, adding pages and allowing users to scroll through years of blog posts is really difficult and annoying to implement. Hopefully all these have changed.

I have been setting my eyes on mobile and web game development recently, on top of trying to work on my portfolio. It's probably why I'm so keen on developing an Android game for my project this semester. The game development scene has really changed as compared to the last 2 years. Flash VS HTML5, Android getting stronger, iOS getting more fans, Steam getting crazier, Kickstarter kicking ass and people slowly getting tired of Farmville (I hope) seems as if there is going to be another shift in what people want in games and how they want to access them. Google web store looks incredible attractive the more I look at it, barring the restriction that you must have a chrome for most of their applications.

Ah let's talk about games themselves. As usual, lots of games, no time to play. Torchlight 2 was fun while I played it. I love the Engineer class. Somehow I love playing a zealot build, that is magic shields and beating the crap out of anyone before they can even scratch your hit points. It wasn't always successful though. Some stuff in veteran or elite just go through everything.

Other than that there's Dustforce. Very polished platforming game, really worth getting indie bundle for that. There's also Faster Than Light (FTL), an extremely cool rogue-like game where you control a spaceship and trying to get to one end of the universe to the other. Think of it like Star Trek or navigating the Normady in Mass Effect through space as well as controlling your crew members. It's great fun.

Obviously, there won't be any more posts anytime soon until I am free (I managed to rush out some of my assignments today), but it feels good blogging again.