Saturday, November 17, 2007

Demo: "Two Worlds"

I went to John's house one day and was 'recommended' to try it.


It's fuck awesome.

There's just too many things to list out, but I shall attempt the impossible:-

I will use the word 'shit' in replacement for a word that hasn't been invented to describe such crap.

1) Graphics look like PS2 graphics, and its on X360 tier.
2) The trees are shit. They look as if there's seaweed hanging on them or something
3) The grasses are shit. Not only one set looks shit, they had this wonderful idea of copy/pasting the same set (give or take 2 or so variations) all over the place. Usually I'm okay with that but damn they really look shit in this case.
4) Lip-syncing on models is shit. Looks worse than a Pinocchio-like puppet. I don't know what those kind of puppets are called.
5) Animations are shit.
6) Combat is shit
7) Combat animations are shit
8) Lag is shit

the list goes on.

Probably the only things they did right are the sky and the fog.

Wow. I bet this game makes lots of developers feel happier.