Wednesday, September 12, 2007

[SGCC] Wrapup

Finally SGCC is over and finally I have found some time to blog about it.

I could still remember the very first day when all of us 'student leaders' received our allocated groups. I scrolled down the list to find my beside the 'Singapore Chinese Girls School' tag. My first expression was joy like any other guys' would be, more so because my course is deprived of girls. Mr Quah came up to me and asked me who I have been assigned to. When I replied, he gave me a smile and shook my hand. Mr Quah is damn godly okay.

During the first day, every secondary school students was split up between design and technical side. I couldn't find Hwa Chong (the other team I'm assigned to)...but I went around to help anyway. The North View guys are very sociable, but they play a hell lot.

I can't believe people can actually listen to Mr GuoZheng. He's fuck boring. Those who can listen AND understand him deserves bigclaps.

I tried talking to the SCGS girls on the technical...they were so...quiet :p. Ilhammi keeps running around doing his usual stuff, like running up to some girls and going "Hello ladies, need an help?"...etc...

The other days were very pleasant. It was really nice getting to know the SCGS girls, the Hwa Chong guys and the North View guys. They were all really fun people. WeiZe, Derek, ChinYing, Prasaan, Joshua, Robin, Asri, Michelle, Josephine, I can't believe I can remember all their names.

But don't think I hog the SCGS team everyday (I know you are thinking that...). I helped alot of teams so I was pretty happy getting to know everyone in my room. I'm not like Minghui 24/7 sit with the Whitley girls except for lunch breaks. It's kinda scary to see YangZhi and Minghui sitting with them 24/7...watching movies, chatting...hitting on them and stuff. If I were the girls I would be reallllly uncomfortable. There were seriously a bunch of guys surrounding them.

I was wrong actually, YangZhi and Minghui doesn't sit with *them*. They were actually hitting on *one* of them. I heard that...wat...during an MSN convo one day after the whole SGCC, the other (not-so-pretty) girl was kinda...ignored. Ilhammi kinda felt sorry and tried to console her. It's really a case of pretty girl but not so good personality vs not-so-pretty girl but good personality. Feels like it just jumped right out of a drama series. Anyway, I'm not really involved in whatever happens there...but this is just a rough picture of what is going on.

WeiZe from Hwa Chong is fuck funny. He keeps telling me "Sorry to bother you, later you can go back to them(SCGS)." -_-;;; What the hell man... His expressions are also quite fun. He is damn different from the rest of his quiet teammates. They're lucky to have a friend like him, although I don't know whether they deserved to win.

The NVSS4 team were also a fun bunch. They were all very very active when I tried to be funny at the overhead projector. I mean...their game is called "The Sick Retarded King". If that doesn't catch your attention I don't know what will.

I'm glad my SCGS team (Vector Blenders) didnt' end up quiet. Seriously. I was afraid that after the first day, my team would be very shy/quiet/inactive. Well, thankfully they are not. I think they ended up being the noisiest bunch in the whole room haha.

But seriously. When they gave me and Jason (my DMD counterpart) presents, I was totally speechless. Those chocolates really don't look cheap. But I think the cards hit the soft spot. I ended up going home and reading them for quite some time. Now I know how people feel when they receive cards. Not only that, they bought me another on Saturday. Gosh how much did you girls spend on me dammit >.<.....On second thoughts, I think I'd rather not know. God I was so happy that day lololololol.

I talked to Miss Lum about the judging. Apparently it IS all about the presentation, which is quite silly in my opinion. I don't think most of the secondary school students were prepared to present. Supposedly they were meant to try to 'sell' their game. Anyway it's all over. At least everyone had a fun time...I wish I could say the same for the upcoming piano examination lol. Anyway, that's all for this blog post I guess. We had a really fun time, went out with Asri, Josephine and Lydia for dinner that Saturday...too bad Michelle couldn't join us =(

Anyway, I'm glad everyone got home safe. I was kinda worried there. It's the exact same feeling I get when I see my sis going home late in school uniform.

Pictures! (Taken from the SCGS IT club you don't see Hwa Chong...I knew I should've took photo with them too =/) - From left: Lydia, Me, Asri, Josephine, Michelle. Dammit why I look so sotong.

- I look damn yandao here lol

- This look looks completely new. I thought I was already smiling...why do I keep ending up smirking? -.-

- Funniest pic. Azman the Worker :p

PS: I saw Robin during the last day. He gave me a 'I'm angry but I'm not' conversation. But seriously...$250 for a freelance job lasting 2 weeks? No problem. With sleepless nights and delays? No deal. Period. I'm not going to be a nice guy and salvage everything for the sake of $250. I could work at MacDonald's for more than that within a WEEK. I think I'm too nice when it comes to work =/.

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