Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MDA's crap.

I haven't been really happy about the stuff going around with Age of Conan arriving in Singapore. I was planning to get it so that I will have something to do for the last 3 weeks before my NS. So it got delayed till 23rd due to shipping matters. I thought it was an SOP that games are to be shipped early so that shops can release them in time. Okay, that screw up, possible on EA's side, cost me 3 days. Okay cool.

Then on 23rd, it STILL hadn't arrived in shops. Why? Because MDA have to give a ESRB rating so it would possibly be out the next day. Okay, cool. It's just one more day, I can live with that. Saturday it STILL hadn't arrive? Wtf? Why, because MDA is sleeping I heard, phone calls can't get through. That means that it won't be out till Monday. Whoa it's past monday already, guess what? It's still isn't out. What the fuck is so damn hard about choosing a rating between M18 and BANNED. Is the Mass Effect incident going to happen again? Somehow GTA4 got away with their X'ed titties.

At least I got GTA4 now. Pretty nice game, but gameplay experience is pretty meh. A possible review coming up? :p

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