Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's finally a long weekend for me, and I feel obliged to blog about something, but what? I've wished Merry Christmas already, made my New Year Resolutions, and now here comes LUNAR New Year and I'm running out of stuff to blog about that would compliment this occasion, and I do not want to talk about whatever boring stuff that has been happening around me recently.

Okay so I'll just randomly come up with a topic. Recently I've been thinking about people who go "I specialize in RPGs" when I try to introduce them other games. Worse, I'm 99% sure they meant 'JRPGs'. How the hell do you specialize in JRPGs? There's almost no skill involved in that genre and that means EVERYONE can 'specialize' in it. People who take it further by saying "I am good in RPGs" make me cringe. How do you define being 'good' at RPGs? In FPS' you are good when you can aim well, shoot well and make use of the environment well. In RTS, you are good by adapting to your opponent's strategies. But RPG? You are good by getting to level 99, obtaining all titles, items etc, all of which is possible by just investing time.

You don't have to think to be good at RPGs. You just need to know where to find the items, grind levels and making sure you don't miss out anything. If I managed to get everything in an RPG, I wouldn't say I am GOOD in that RPG. It just means I've spent hours on it.

So the point of the topic is, people who say 'I specialize in RPGs' are using it as a lousy excuse to avoid playing other kinds of games. If they say 'I only like RPGs' then I would simply let it slide because they are not interested in the first place. But 'specializing RPGs' is just dumb.

/end Lousy Rant.

Happy Lunar New Year :)

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