Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Piano and animes

I've finally dusted away the...dust (what's happening to my english) on my piano, finally finding myself the will to play every weekend. There's a lot of songs I really want to play atm, and I must admit I'm damn fucking rusty. I don't think I can even remember playing a complete song without mistakes (I take mistakes damn harshly).

I've been watching animes again. Haruhi 2, FMA: Brotherhood, and even old ones like Dokuro-chan, Gintama and Blood. K-On is a pretty nice show imo. It's like Macross Frontier; you only watch it for the insert songs.

On the side note, there are a bunch of games I haven't reviewed yet. I'll just briefly go through them:

GTA:Chinatown Wars - What GTA4 could've been. If Gamespot rate GTA4 as a 10/10 game (which is rubbish), I would rate it a 15/10. It's a solid game, with side missions which is not redundant to do. If you remember when I reviewed about GTA4, I mentioned that it has too much gimmicks and unnecessary side jobs that are not worth the money.

Soma Bringer - Think MMO. Actually, think D2.

Rock Band Unplugged - It's four buttons BUT has instrument switching. The mechanics is genius. And best of all, I'm playing expert and I don't feel it's a mashing game (unlike DJMAX series).

On the side note, Josh Anime Music website has K-on piano sheet musics. He uploaded himself playing and they all sound very good :)

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