Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mayday pennings

It's already May, one more month before I can finally close this hell of a chapter to my life. I always thought that there isn't many things to blog about the last few weeks or maybe even months. Nothing is really worth blogging about when you are stuck in an army camp most of the time, when you have accepted what life is like around you and when you only have a month left to stay. As you care less and less about things around you, the less there is to talk about.

But in actuality, there are a bunch of small things I can talk about, just that they aren't really worth a whole blog post. If I can stick them to one or two liners, I'd rather post it on my wall in Facebook, where there are more people reading. Still, Facebook has its limitations. They cannot fully convey what I want to say on a topic. When I have a topic that I can sum up to a couple of paragraphs, I turn to my blog, this blog.

This is the reason why I won't stop blogging. It's like a Facebook wall, only that I can stuff more words into it. The only problem now with this blog I find is organization. It is incredibly messy. I totally agree that some topics are just there to fill space, to make my blog seem updated. As time goes by, I felt more and more that those post shouldn't even exist here. I should get them deleted soon.

I might not seem like it IRL (for those who know me), but I'm can be quite a organizing freak, yet at the some time, I can be extremely lazy. It feels like there are two opposing poles in me trying to tear me apart. Anyway, that's besides the point. The point is that I know this blog is really disorganized. For example, Labels that serve too little purpose. Restriction with blogger preventing me from auto-generating an organized list onto a nice page. This blog is supposed to double up as an archive for me to look back into, so I like my posts to be 'filed'. But enough of blogger. Let's go to other subjects.

Last week was my 22nd birthday. I thank everyone for the wishes and presents and apologize to those I failed to invite. There's a good reason, being my mum requested that I bring only 10 people. Naturally I would invite those whose birthday parties/outings I've frequent with first before adding on. Anyway, I had a great time hugging the toilet bowl for my life. At least now I know my real limit when it comes to alcohol.

This is pretty old news, but I didn't really have much to say about it apart from being glad and scared at the same time. I finally got accepted into Digipen's Bachelor of Sciences in Game Design. As I've probably mentioned before, it will be a 2-year-long degree course, with 3 semesters per year.

I really expect it to be rather stressful, and expect the lack of holidays and day offs. My only reassurance is probably what most people who went through the hells of DET tanking projects say: "If we can go through DET, Digipen shouldn't be that bad." School starts at 2nd of September. I think I need to start reading up a few basic stuff.

As the inevitable date draws nearer and nearer, it seems hard to accept that after June 11th 2010, my weekdays will finally be free again, and if they are not, I would be working for much better pay and probably something I enjoy more than what I do here. I definitely see civilian life at a totally different light now. Before I was just taking everything for granted. Now I know it isn't all that easy. Being in army taught me how shitty life can end up being for me.

I can already taste the freedom. I just need to have it whole. The only question is, how long will I take to adapt back to civilian? I was hoping a minimum of 2 months.

Plans for blogging?
Until now I have been just playing with words words and words. I would really like to do some videos for a change. No not those youtube fags that only screen their faces and go "er...Hi today I'm going to talk about...". Granted there are good ones, but there are bad. I think I have to be at least quite drunk to be as good as the good ones.

There are a bunch of ideas I have floating around which I can put into act only IF I have a video camera. That would everything I guess. I can start doing runs of games with commentary, and stuff like that. Maybe I can start doing stupid stuff just for kicks. The possibilities are endless.

Also, having a camera phone after my ORD is going to be so awesome.

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