Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starcraft 2 and Patch 1.1 and rantings

Already around a month into release and we are seeing the first balancing patch layout for Starcraft 2. It is not the full patch list though we can more or less see where Blizzard is heading to with it.

Protoss getting their Zealot production rate slightly nerfed, Terran getting the same with Reapers, and also a slight nerf with Tanks and Battlecruisers damage and armor respectively, and Zerg getting some random Ultralisk nerf. For Protoss and Terran, it really doesn't affect their style of play unless you have been doing nothing but cheese to get to plat/diamond league. It's mostly a Zerg buff in the sense that now they are much more survivable early game, where they can pull off a 15 hatch build slightly easier.

I can't say what more am I expecting from the patch. Everyone on and beyond crying for Marauder nerf and Roaches buff since forever. Everyone just loves comparing units on a 1-1 basis. "Omg my roaches cost almost as much as marauders but cannot 1v1 them! NERF!". What did you expect? You are playing Zerg, you are meant to take map control and get more resources than all the other races.

I do agree that Zerg is underpowered only because it is hard for them to expand at the start, thus forced to 1v1 units all the time. That's what this patch is for and hopefully we'll see Zerg being played like how they are meant to. Then again I'm mostly a Terran/Protoss player so take my opinion with a pinch of salt before you start quoting this line and go "Says the Terran player, heh". I do play Zerg occasionally so I at least feel the shit you guys go through.

Before I go on to talk about how much I hate dealing with tanks and battlecruisers as a Terran, I just talk about something minor that happened just the other day. I was laddering as per normal as Terran, I was high gold (again, take my opinions with a pinch of salt), my opponent was mid gold and playing Protoss. I scouted, got map control, made sure he's not doing anything funny, made sure his army is in his base and brought almost everything in my base out. I had 1 viking, 1 raven, tanks and marines. Simple push, and a bit risky on my side.

So I managed to siege right outside his base. This is what everyone hates; a couple of siege tanks right outside your doorstep and he KNOWS I'm doing it cus I killed an observer ON MY WAY there. So he had phoenixes trying to do some fancy gravity and stalkers blinking straight into me. Naturally, everything died thanks to PDD. I say again, everything died for him thanks to PDD. Makes alot of sense right? I only had 3-4 tanks, he had gazillion stalkers. It should at least even out SINCE he had enough phoenixes to gravity 3 of my tanks. I bet my marines are the ones killing everything.

Then he started spamming "OMG TANKS, TERRANS ARE SO OVERPOWERED" etc for like 5 mins and left the game. I'd rather he say "PDD IS SO OVERPOWERED" than that tbh. And it's not like the 1.1 patch is going to make tanks' damage lower against stalkers.

Honestly, when they said tanks are going to be base damage: 35 and to Armored: 50, I wasn't really concerned since I can finally save some of my gas and build hellions to stop zealots and zerglings. Besides, I build tanks mainly to kill all your armored units.

Okay now we go into Battlecruisers. I lost quite a few TvT matchups ONLY because I didn't go battlecruisers when my opponent did. Battlecruisers are so silly and come to think of it, they are like slow armored mutalisks with a Yamato Cannon. When I see a Battlecruiser/Viking mix, suddenly, my marine/tank/viking mix becomes next to useless. My marines melt before it, and if you got armor upgrades, I don't think they deal damage at all. Vikings melt before his other vikings. Turrets get obliterated to yamatos, the list goes on. You'd need either a dedicated army just to fight it off (vikings/thors/marines on stim), OR get battlecruisers yourself. The latter is much easier to transition into.

And Tanks. Don't think I don't hate them too. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a terran to siege tank another terran's base? I really wished that my marines can do more than just hugging the tanks and stopping MMM balls. When they are playing mech like you, suddenly it gets really boring. It will come down to who have more sight for their tanks and the whole process of taking out tanks with turrets beside them is extremely slow. Again, this is where battlecruisers just stupidly solves everything.

Oh well, that's enough of me ranting. In all, I still feel that Zerg is very strong mid-late game, just that it's rather painful for them to be at early game.

And here's one of my favourite videos from day[9]Sean's Dailies for those having some problems with TvP. This helped me get out of silver league and a good simple build order to start off with for newer players. I jumped into SC2 thinking I can do 1/1/1 and died many times before I decided to find vids like these:

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