Sunday, November 14, 2010

AFAX Aftermath!

Alas, the festival came and went once again. This festival was vastly different for me though as it has emotionally affected me in many ways (goes to show how otaku I am). It's actually due to 2 events: the movie screening of Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and the Day 1 concert featuring Aniki and JAM Project.

I honestly haven't done anything otaku-related for a long time. I could always barely resist all the figurines and stuff but for some reason when it comes to Yuki merchandise, all voices of reason failed. It happened in Weiss Schwarz (just look at the old otaku posts), it happened in AFAX and it's gonna happen in a very large scale very soon.

The first day was pretty okay. I wasn't really looking forward to anything in particular, just minding my business, looking at figurines and accessories just like what I did for the past two AFAs. For some reason, this year's AFA is flooded with Touhou, Yuki (I don't see the other SOS members) and nendoroids. There weren't that many back in 08 or 09 and I know because I look out for these 3 things.

The main highlight was the concert though, and now I kinda regretted not getting the VIP seating. JAM Project was freakin' awesome. Days ago I was jokingly telling my friends that their members will sing their individual songs. Holy shit I really didn't expect them to really do that. Endou singing 'Yuusha oh Tanjou', Okui singing her popular 'Rondo Revolution', Yoshiki with his 'Makka na Chikai', Katadani with 'We Are' and of course Kageyama with his extremely popular 'Cha-la Head Cha-la'.

The entire stage is electrifying and I was sure I lost my voice singing 'Yuusha Oh Tanjou'. They also sang Rescue Fire, Rocks and SKILL. It's a really epic time with them. Even with my aching back, legs, fingers, wrists, arms and hands, I kept standing. Aniki didn't help the condition when he came up lol.

End of day 1, bought a so-called $30 3D poster that anyone who is sane wouldn't buy, a $58 Yuki Nendoroid and $15 for the movie the next day. I don't seem to spend alot compared to others but it's infinitely more than what I have spent the past 2 AFAs combined. Good thing there weren't other Yuki stuff and good thing I didn't enter the KKNM booth.

Second day, I managed to pull myself early enough to rush down to the event and grab a nice seat for myself. It was a pretty hard decision, deciding whether to spend $15 to come down and watch since I already know what's gonna happen from the book. I savored every moment of the movie. It was fantastic, the way Haruhi smiled, the way Yuki shy away from everything, the way Mikuru break into tears. Kyon was finally given lots of depth but it was great because it was illustrated and animated beautifully.

You can really tell the ungodly amount of effort put into this movie. Aside from having vivid details, the expressions on each and every character were incredibly well done. Every part of the plot were like pieces of art, carefully strung together to form a great masterpiece. Perhaps my otaku/fanboyism is blinding me and causing me to be extemely biased, but I can safely say that Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya will not disappoint Haruhists out there.

Time to save up for the Haruhi extra pack! It's finally coming and I must be prepared for it >.<

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