Monday, August 12, 2013

August update!

Oh what? It's August already? Time really flies when you are working.

There's so many things to work on, so many games to try and play. Because I am mostly outside, I have been playing games that are more avaliable mobile like apps on my phone and my PS Vita.

There are lots of games I would like to talk about, but I trashed them because they are sometimes too boring to describe, even the good ones! I find it more and more pointless to describe games in words when it is much better to simply do a game demo, which would not be possible in the near future because of the money and time requirements. Due to all that, I doubt I will write that much reviews anymore unless it invoked some kind of interesting chemistry with me.

Aside from all that, I have been helping out and starting small projects on my free time. I intend to develop a small scale RPG game on mobile pretty soon now that I have finally decided to close my small HTML5 demo which I decided to turn into a small game but did not have time to polish. Hopefully it will kick off, but for now, it is mostly a hobby project.

It seems surreal to me that I really want to make an RPG game. After all, all the games I made in Digipen are hardly anything close to an RPG, which also means that my portfolio does not show my interest in RPG.

Still, I want to develop a RPG more than anything. It is the genre I grew up with, might as well do it now that I can actually do it.

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