Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[HobbyRPG] And it has began!

Remember the RPG game I wanted to make?

It took some time, but finally Dominic and I have something visible up ^_^.

This is using the awesome cocos2d-x and my native language C++.  This project is probably going to be very slow since we agreed not to think about monetizing or selling it, and use it as a side project to create the RPG we want to make, which is great since there is no pressure. We can't guarantee if we will get burnt out at some point, but so far progress has been really fun for us!

Honestly, coming out of Digipen showed me how much I really wanted to make an RPG. After over 5 years in studying game development, I have only managed to create a simple text-based RPG game, which was a fun experience. Unfortunately, RPGs are extremely tedious to get it right, so it was not exactly a viable option as a school project, or even for a game you want to sell. Over the past decade, we have only seen the RPG genre decline and decline, leaving only a handful 'good' ones which were mostly cult hits. Hmm, not exactly a good genre to throw money into.

With this, hopefully when we go into design, I can attempt to return to my daydreaming story-writing days. I used to write tons of stories and other crap for fun, but that was easily a decade ago before I picked up programming and pursued to have a sciences foundation, easily obliterating my story-telling abilities and also my English. I can also go back to using Fruity Loops (which is now a full fledged...thing!) and fall onto my rusty music background to create sounds though I have much less hope of that succeeding. 

This project has sooooo much to be done, but it's so fun making each component work. Right now we are still working on the overworld system and already have animations, input and collision done. We also went to excel and write a macro to export stats into .csv files to reading into the game. 

What I like about this project is that it keeps my game development skills sharp, since I am not really doing development as much in my company.  We are also able to put into place what we have learn in our companies into this project, so it is a good learning experience so far.

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