Monday, November 11, 2013

Anisong 2013 Aftermath


What can I say?

Anisong and AFA has grown so much since the first time it was held in 2008. This is by far possibly the most draining. I only went for Saturday's and Sunday's lineup, but I know friends who were overwhelmed with Friday's lineup. 

Friday was Egoist, Hachikoji P, livetune, motsu X DJ Kaya and Valerie. I can't comment much since I wasn't there but if you are a Vocaloid fan, Guilty Crown fan or a motsu fan (he was from the now defunct m.o.v.e group which I MISSED LAST YEAR BECAUSE I WAS OVERSEAS T_T), you are probably missing out on a lot. 

Saturday was crazy. LiSA is as cute as ever since she randomly turned me into a fan due to her awesome performance the first time she came over at 2011. And she got better. A lot better. She doesn't seem to tire out easily anymore. Eir Aoi; I was expecting a crazy godlike perf ormance because I know her singing voice is very powerful. I think she just blew everyone's ears and the sound system away, and also the main cause of my ears ringing that night. Then Milky Holmes randomly appeared on stage -_-; and I happen to know some of their songs without watching any of their animes (thanks animelo -_-;). May'n came out last. It was a really emotional moment as she brought us back to remember the first AFA which I still clearly remember because before that concert started back in 2008, there were images of the song "Don't be late" all over the stage and she was late. May'n also improved a lot. There were a couple of her new songs. Finishing the day with Diamond Crevasse was...epic.

But I think everyone knows that Sunday is going to be crazier. Angela, Elisa, TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki (!!!). It was Valvrave night. Now, if anything can be crazier than getting artists together, it's getting them together with a theme or even better and anime (like Macross Night in 2009 Sunday, or Super Robot Night on 2010 Saturday). Angela got off to a fantastic start, ending their performance with their trademark Shangri-la. Elisa came in next and showed us what a power singer she is, hitting all kinds of notes that sent me chills. Her singing 「愛、覚えてますか?」 really threw me off. My mouth was singing along and my mind was wondering where I heard that song (outside of Macross) and if Elisa really was the original singer.  Her reactions on stage were funny and cute, like her reaction to the people at the front shouting "Elisa-sama". 

Then there was TM Revolution. What a riduculously charismatic performer! He simply brought the roof down, espacially when the FIRST note of Invoke start playing. It felt like te convention hall will collapse.

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