Friday, June 19, 2015

FF14 Heavensward existing class patch notes thoughts

Okay second part of Heavensward patch notes regarding existing class changes. Below are just some of my thoughts and speculations. Maybe in the future I can look back and see if they came true?

Disclaimer: Note that the only classes I haven't played are Ninja, Warrior, Monk and Archer so what I view from those classes are purely from a bystander perspective.

The existing skill changes compilation I read were from here. It seems like there's a lot of nerf in AoE damage, defensive buffs and debuffs. There are also buffs in attack skills in general.

Particular skill changes that caught my attention:

Enhanced Medica replacing Proshell  - This is incredibly awesome given that Cure III range is so crap. This means that we can be more liberal on our AoE heals. Proshell removal is probably just to balance between all 3 healers so when Scholars get paired with Astrologians, they don't feel like they missed out on anything.

Quick Stoneskin replacing Graniteskin - Awesome also. Graniteskin removal, like Proshell removal, is probably for balancing out the 3 healers. Quick Stoneskin is actually very nice for tank busting mechanics and PVP where cast time really matters.

Selene Changes - Wow, looks like a lot of changes for the Scholar pet. The 'mass leeches' skill can be useful I guess, but with statuses that cannot be removed, it's hard to conclude it's usefulness. It will probably be good in a couple of fights here and there though.

New Class Skills

Holy shit summoner. With all the AoE nerfs to Holy and Flare, They might very well be the best burst AoE class in the game with these new skills. I'm expecting a nerf coming their way because with Tri-Disaster and Dreadwyrm Stance, they might also be the best single target caster DPS (they already are currently, but this might put they waaay past BLM).

They ramped up Scholar's ability to heal, which kind of confuses me a bit because that is traditionally a White Mage's role. I'm not exact certain about what to conclude about Deployment Tactics, except that it can gives everybody a powerful shield. Actually the new Scholar skills made me wonder where both Astrologian and Scholar stands between healing and shielding. In general, Scholar seems like very well rounded healer now, instead of a shield specialist.

Black Mage
Ley Lines is the most interesting new ability in my opinion, specifically on a job that is as immobile as a Black Mage. Sharpcast looks crazy good on paper because it forces procs. The effect of Enochain + Fire4/Blizzard4 really depends on how good they are in the BLM rotation I think. As the description holds, they do not look very impressive. It might be just there to increase overall dps and make rotations a bit more complex.

Bards seems to get a more complicated dps rotation! Hooray! Getting their own version of fester seems fun too. I personally feel that Warden's Paean will become another class defining feature for Bard, unless Yoshida is a bastard and have 'un-Paean-able' statuses.

Pretty straightforward. They get their version of Grease Lightning. Wait, then what would that make the relationship between Dragoons and Monks? With the lack of new attacks from monks, it seems that Dragoons might becoming top DPS, but only if they manage to the new positioning attack right all the time to extend Blood of the Dragon (well done, I just realized I almost described Grease Lightning).

Yay, AoE attack. Tornado kick is weird, because at the moment, monks do not want to lose their Grease Lightning. Integrating it into monk's rotation might mean that Perfect Balance timing is more important than ever. In general, it feels like Monks are less reliant on maintaining Grease Lightning, since they can gain it back faster with Form Shift. This could translate to just better overall dps.

The Chakra mechanic looks like a throwback to Monks in RO1, so we might see Monks become more bursty depending on what they can do with it.

The support melee is more supporty! Now they can reduce enmity, which probably makes them best friends with Black Mages. Other than that, they just simple dps increase.

I really think this is Yoshida's secret favorite class now. They get dps increase and a 1 hit version of the old Manawall. Divine Veil is siiiiiick on paper and can prevent raid wipes or mechanics that constantly throws AoEs (like T11?). Oh and they get a form of  Lay On Hands, finally.

I was actually wondering what dps class this is, then realized it's the Warrior. At this point, I'm entertaining the thought that Yoshida might change the Warrior icon to purple. Warriors are still really good tanks if done right though. Also, having a TP restoring skill really helps since they cannot cross-class Invigorate. I think they will be really fun to experiment solo/duo dungeon runs with, since their kit is looking more and more akin to those solo classes in other MMOs.

White Mage
Everything is good here. Every skill just makes White Mages do what they already do better. Aero III and Assize is going to be awesome for clearing mobs with the nerf to Holy incoming. Asylum is always good to have; there is actually a similar skill in PvP. Getting our own small Lustrate is good (Tetragrammation). My only hope is that it's "Instant" is really instant unlike Benediction's.

Aaaand that's it!^^

Heavensward soon!

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