Tuesday, December 27, 2005

BF2 screens!!! C4 fun =D

Today I had tons of fun playing BF2 as a special forces unit. God I'm becoming the next Andy -.-

Well, this screen was kinda stupid. I planted the bombs and for some reason it didn't went off. I got killed instead T_T

I was hiding at their base running around until I heard some helicopter's engine starting. I was out of breath and moved slowly towards the helicopter...seemed that I over estimated helicopter's take off speed...

And yeah, that's what happened.
This happened like 100 times. I tried to get the best screenshot but everything happened too fast lol.
This was a helicopter explosion just like the one above. Same thing happened, I heard the helicopter, I ran, I planted and I blew it off. The helicopter had two guys I think, there was one guy who wasn't inside the helicopter but got killed by the explosion anyways. I thought I had the screenshot somewhere of the helicopter exploding to bits and that one guy flying in the air. oh well =/

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