Friday, December 30, 2005

Woot! 6 more games! Bah... =/

6 new PS2 games, I've hardly continued on any. Let's go through them:

1) Resident Evil 4 --> It's a damn nice game I admit, but I'm kinda stuck at the start because you run out of bullets so easily that I end up knifing everything to death lol. I might play it in future though, it looks interesting.

2) Kingdom Hearts 2 ---> Unfortunately, the cover page lied to me saying that it is the english version. No, it's the jap version. Voice acting is fine, I can understand but I don't understand hiragana so, meh, kinda pointless to play on. The opening is VERY VERY nice. So nice it makes me wanna play Kingdom Hearts 1 again, which is exactly what I'm doing right now. Release date for the US version is around Spring 2006 (March) , so I think I'm gonna get KH: Chains of Memories. Heard it's a card-game thingy...wonder if it's nice.

3) Need for Speed: Most Wanted ---> Nice game, fast paced, but I'm not into driving games I guess. I totally SUCK at this game lol.

4) Suikoden Tactics ---> I was anticipating this since I first saw it 2 months back in I mean, you see suikoden 1,2,3 and...well maybe 4 and their strategy battles. Not so bad. That why I'm going to try it.

The results are...subpar. The game is pretty slipshod compared to great tactical games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance, Tactic Ogre, Hundred Swords, the game, and of course not forgetting La Pucelle: Tactics.

Suikoden Tactics has a very pathetic story revolving around Rune Canons. Yep, that's right, Rune Canons. Rune Canons = Suikoden 4 = Worst Suikoden in history. Nevermind, SRPGs are not about storylines, gameplay? Let's see what new things they have for the SRPG genre. Oh yeah, the good ole Suikoden abilities and their ranks. What else...? What's this? Terrain element? Sounds good. No actually it's bad.

Maybe it's because Konami thought "oh noes, what if this terrain element thing don't appeal to gamers because they are too insignificent? Let's make them significent and make it useful in battle!" A bit too useful if you ask me, for either side of the fight. Every character has an element. If that character steps into a terrain that is the same as his, he'll get this uber crazy regen per round, uber leet defense and uber powerful attacks. For those standing in elemental terrains against his elemental type, he'll get crap defense, crap attacks and worst of all...DEGENERATION. wtf?! That's crazy, one get's super powerful and the opposite gets super sucky. So the only strategy to this game is to stretegically place your terrain elements...meh it's easy. Other than that, it is basically the same as any other SRPGs.

Sound is good. Animation is pretty nicely done. Unfortunately, the animation is wasted on their suckly models. It's terrible, it's made of fucking blocks or as john said 'Legos'. There is no cell shading, no outlines...or any lines for that matter. When you place the legs together it looks like one lump of...Lego. Snowe looks fucking hilarious. It's like he's Lion King now rofl, only with grey hair. Hell, I think the gummi ship sequences in Kingdom Hearts looked better.

5) Soul Caliber 3 ---> So far I've explored, nothing change in this game compared to SC2...

6) NeoGeo Battle Coliseum ---> Meh, just another SNK game =/

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