Sunday, July 2, 2006

A Story In Everquest #1

Hello Kids! Today I'm going to tell you all about a story called "The KS'er and the Giant". Once upon a time, in the great plains of West Commonlands, a party of people were grouping together near an orc camp to slayer all orcs for the good of all mankind (or ogre/trollkind). After many failures in their crusade to Befallen, the party decided to hunt a simple foe: Orcs.

After killing a few orcs, a KS'er by the name of "Raradornn" came to 'steal' our kills, imploding and exploding them to crisps while we were fighting them and claiming that the kills are his own and giving no credit to us. (In game terms, that faggot stole our exp by outnuking us. We are lacking in dps but exp is flowing well).

So, our brave leader of the troupe, a hearty Ogre by the name of "Bubbah" got so mad that he came out with a plan: He's going to lure Hill Giants to kill the mage. (see the little human with white hair? That's Rara)

Hill Giants were a feared being in the West Commonlands. They roam and every place possible and despite their size, they are able to sneak up behind groups without the members noticing and destroy them. We had our share of angry hill giants before we came and we developed a phobia for them (I'm serious here, a REAL phobia). But Bubbah be brave and decided to sacrafice himself to destroy the mage:

And he was successful in eliminating the mage, but he died in the process;

Everyone cheered as the giant walked away:

As you can see here, the mage was obviously not happy and decide to do the same to us.

A closer look at his corpse ^_^ ->

I thought this was Rara's first attempt at destroying us, but it so happens to be a spawn of HG that was scripted to move across the orc camp. You should know why we are scared of them now.

Rara's first attempt at destroying us; the giant chased the shaman who had "Spirit of Wolf" on so the shaman manage to escape due to his speed and everyone wasn't affected.

From this screenshot to the next, Rara decided to log off and everything was fine for awhile. Babbuh left and we invited and kicked a few more members as they come and go. An hour later (in real life) Raradornn came back and started to KS us again. This happened for 30 mins and several /tells to him to "get the f* off" which was replied with "stfu". I took the best screenshot in my life after that 30 mins:

In case you didn't know, in the bottom screenshot, Rara was not aware of the Hill Giant yet. He wasn't running away as this screenshot looked like he was doing. See that' orc in front of him? He's gonna loot it.

If you noticed the last emote from last screenshot, our troll shaman waved at him, supposedly to distract him. He was looking and I was disappointed that I didn't manage to take a screenshot when he was in looting position, because he died way too fast:
We cheered. Again. YAY!

And yep, the KS'er didn't return.
End of story.
I would like to thank Rara for being an idiot,
my guild mates,
my group mates,
my playlist,
and of course, the Hill Giants

for making this group fun, happening and...yeah just pure fun.

Bonus screenshot for reading all this crap: The Befallen Fallens;

Story by:
--- Ellune ---
12th Order of the Tunarean Clerics

--- Faylar Ubertune ---
65th Troubadour of the Tunarean Tranquilsong Bards (deceased)

Have a nice night everyone!


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