Monday, October 27, 2008


Alot of gamers are elitists. Alot of gamers WERE elitists. It is only natural.

It's hard to say what exactly I mean by a gamer nowadays, so I'll go by this simple defination: People who plays games seriously. Min-maxers automatically fall into this category.

I met up with this gamer dude in my platoon back in BMT. He's plays board games, DND as well as various console/PC games. I'm not talking DOTA and CS of course. I'm talking about great games like Baldur's Gate and Fallout...and new games like Mass Effect etc etc, you know the works.

He is damn elitist.

He shuns away 'ah beng'-type characters and looks down on 'typical' singaporean characters. I mean, he only talks to a couple of guys in my platoon. He knows I play tons of stuff more than him so he quickly associates himself to me. In front of me, he's nice and okay sort of guy, but then since I mix around alot with my platoonmates, I found an ugly side of him. He's apparently selfish, conceited and proud. He refuses to mix around with people who aren't gamers, people who clubs and plays soccer etc.

God, how is such a person going to survive at all?

Regarding about my previous post about no life, I believe that there is no life without people around you. The concept about making friends is so simple. You make a friend, you help him, he help you and possibly help each other in the future. If you make up with a cb ljpal, too bad, suck it up and continue being friends, if not mere acquaintances. Who knows that ljpal will change for the better in the future (or become a living joke for your entertainment if you are bastard like me).

Maybe because I'm too nice though. I love dissing people alot but I don't like to like literally tell them to fuck off. I only do it when someone is a real fucker.

I guess elitists can survive in the society after all, since there seems to be quite a number around the world and they haven't suicided or anything.

And congrats to all former elitists for quitting being one.

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  1. Omg grld you're writing intelligent and interesting posts for once!

    Personally, I think a gamer is someone who takes gaming seriously, or at the very least more than just-a-hobby.

    As for being elitist, I don't think it can be helped. As a fellow gamer, I don't think you can avoid that intense feeling of disdain and scorn when somebody goes up to you and says something like "HAY WOW IS DA BEST GAME EVA". People who take pride in things they do, and take it seriously, are more or less elitist. Some just show it less than others(IE you!).

    For illustration, you met 2 guys. One thinks EQ is the best game ever, the other thinks WoW is. Would you feel that any one is lesser than the other? If you answered yes, you're an elitist.

    As for your friend, he's not just elitist, he's plain anti-social. It's one thing to display elitist behavior, it's another thing to shun anybody who doesn't meet his 'elitist' requirements.