Thursday, August 13, 2009

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I'm officially dropping the bomb on my wordpress blog and finally shifted back here to blogger. Needless to say, I'm a bit surprised at how rough blogspot has become to work with.

I did some cleaning up of the blog. I have deleted most of those one-liner posts as well as stupid random posts that doesn't really mean anything to anyone who reads them, so right now, hopefully, we are looking at a much cleaner blog.  There are still more modifications to be done, espacially the skins, I begin to get tired of these colors. 

This blog has come a long way since 2005. It has evolved from a personal blog to a blog that reviews and rants about games, with otaku and programmer stuff at the sideline.  Because I am rather slow at obtaining up-to-date games, due to lack to financing on my side or ultimately not enough motivation to get them, I would be mostly blogging about games from the past, and making comparisions between games.  I usually like to explore non-mainstream games (again, partly due to lack of finance), like NetHack.

Hopefully, with that being said, I could get off with a flesh clean start with this blog, NeetGeek, where NEET meets GEEK.

Oh ya btw, feel free to comment and post any game you wish me to review/talk about. I promise to read the comments when I have time, but I cannot garauntee that I will review the game.

EDIT: a testblog for testing a new skin is currently underway. Nothing will be updated until the skin is more or less complete. Until then, please be patient and wait :) Lots of cleaning up to do.

EDIT2: Since blogspot is being such a b****, and since I would be busy until the weekend, progress will be delayed until next week.

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