Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's been a great first month since NeetGeek went to play. It may not be in the best shape at the moment, but I'm still rather happy with it. Here I'll just put some updates and thoughts.

- I'd admit, I did start this hoping to earn a bit of income through ads, but now it's only secondary. I realized I have many other things irl to worry about than to focus my entire soul into this blog.

Post about your life!
- There are some people who kinda like me ranting random stuff about my life. I don't mind doing it once in awhile, but I just find all those posts dry as hell (hence the removal). They have no real topic, no aim, just pure blabbering. I always wanted to revamp my posts to make them more focused to a topic. Makes it more meaningful than posting "I ate chicken rice today...again (picture of chicken rice)".

Still, I should post something interesting yet unrelated that happened to me every now and then. I always wanted to, just that nothing really interesting is happening to me now that is exactly actually sharable with everyone AND unrelated to this blog. If I did share everything that I find even remotely interesting, this blog will end up like a bored person's blog whose post titles go along the lines of "What my teacher said to me" or "My classmate farted haha!"

And first the next 6 months, I'm still working with the Singapore Armed Forces, so my work life is more or less 'unbloggable'.

Is that a navigation bar at the top?
- The navbar on top is still in construction. It is to hopefully organize my post. At least now when you list by labels, it isn't as messy as before (although the spacing is weird). As far as labeling goes, I'm still thinking about what to place...

I noticed you posted something random and unrelated
- Although NeetGeek is a blog about gaming and anime, sometimes it's not always all fun and games. At its core, it's still my blog, but the biggest things that interest me is still games and animes, so most of my posts will still be MOSTLY about them. I might deviate and post about art and music, both also my interests, although even then they might fall into the gaming/anime side. I might eventually post about totally unrelated stuff but I still try to make them interesting.

Your posts are getting lesser and lesser?
- I know my posts are getting less frequent. Maybe because I'm getting busier. I realized posting big posts like reviews and rants takes a hell lot of my free time, which I can use to play games or watch animes. I still try my best to post at least twice a week, though I haven't reached that limit yet. But I get the feeling that time will eventually come

Any bad news to share?
- Currently, I'm back to 'stay in' status, which means I am expected to sleep in my camp which is 2hr train rides away from home, which means I won't be able to touch my PC on most weekdays to check on certain sites that were blocked by my office's computer for news and interesting things. This also means that I will be (once again) spending alot more time on my PSP/DS. And also SF4 and Blazblue.

Any good news to share?
- Not much. I might be picking up WoW TCG. I might also start getting into board games, but that's a little hard since my budget is really tight. I might even start blogging about board games...hmmm....

What's happening around you recently?
- Right now I'm waiting for AFA on the 21st/22nd. I haven't bought the $25 tickets yet though. I spent the past Sundays playing Weiss Schwarz, though it's getting hard to decide if I want to pay for 2nd boxes since there're quite a few places to order cards if I want to collect. $120 for a 50/50 chance of your RR appearing is not a good idea.

For games, my X360 is currently rotting, though I'm hoping to get Dragon Age soon. My labtop is still a piece of overheating chunk, resetting itself while playing Bejeweled once. I'm playing Cross Edge on PS3, but it is a grindfest like all NIS games so I don't see myself completing it anytime soon.

Anything to say to your viewers?
I honestly don't know how many(or few) of you are out there, but thanks for the views anyways :)

Any plans for the future?
Right now, I'm not intending to let this blog die. I do have some plans for it, just don't really have the time nor the equipment to do it, but who knows what the future holds?


  1. Why would you rather go for a TCG over board games given the choice? Projected spending is much higher for a TCG, unless you're looking at playing a new and different board game every week or so.

  2. I don't really pick up WS TCG through logical means. My reasons are very simple and otaku: I like the cards and the series featured. So even though it is a rather luck-based game, I still find it fairly fun. The initial goal of picking this TCG up was simply to collect the cards (much like how otakus collect figurines), and I figured if I'm going to collect them, might as well play them too.

    If there's a second reason, I suppose it's just trying a genre of games I've never tried before.

    WoW TCG seems fairly interesting. After running through the demo, recommendations from YH and the "raiding" system, I think it's worth a $25 bucks for hands-on. Again, card art looks real good enough for me to want to 'collect' it.

    Board games are fun, I agree, and potentially cheaper. But board games require friends to be free and you know most of us refuse to play our current stash of board games with less than 4 people. Ironically, I'm usually the culprit for pangsehing people for board games >.<.

    In contrary, TCGs are 1v1, last for 20 mins and extremely portable since everyone carries their own deck instead of one person carrying everything. And in defense to "but the gameplay sucks" sentences, I'll put up the ultimate "but I like the cards" reply.

    In the case of WoW TCG, seems like it can be like a TCG AND a Board Game, so I'm just going to spend $25 just to see how it is.

    Speaking of board games, YH wants to try out Starcraft. Have you played Starcraft?