Monday, November 2, 2009

Blazblue: Contiuum Shift 3rd/4th loc test random thoughts


As we are getting closer and closer to the release of the next installment of Blazblue here are the impressions from the 3rd and 4th location tests.

3rd loc test
4th loc test

I wish I could copy and paste everything down but that will take too much space. So here're some random thoughts from what I've seen on the boards and on random YouTube loc test videos.

Ragna - Belial Edge gives him a new overhead option apparently (the TK B version) according to the report. I don't know if they meant "no frame disadvantage" from what they mentioned. Basically he has a few tweaks here and there and a some new combos from his 623C and with Belial Edge. 4th loc test reduced the Blood Kain HP draining propeties.

Jin - I think he's becoming a Ky-Kiske. More zoning options and projectiles. Apparently jB isn't that good anymore. His new jC remains as good, but I just wish he can Ensenga like a Johnny after it. 623B corner combo still working = good. Too bad ice car doesn't knockdown anymore, but it has floorbounce if done high enough so there would be interesting combos?

Bang - Bang is still a hero currently. 5A 5B into the new super is possible, making punishing really really easy. His shurikens are better, he has 6B -> 2A combo (ground invul overhead), 3C STILL jump cancellable and block (it's the sliding move). The real nerf I've seen/read is his 2363214C super doesn't have invincibility anymore.

Oh ya, now he can teleport twice during a D guard point, and not forgetting all his D moves are faster now. Not forgetting 6C works on everyone while standing now (this is a pretty big buff combo-wise) and umbrella super doesn't go away after being hit makes it useful defensively? I suspect there will be lots of Bang users in BB:CS.

Arakune - I can't really tell how good he is since whatever made him strong was given a rework. Basically he's kinda like Zappa from GG now; he needs to curse his opponents a few times before he can actually call out his bugs (FEVER mode). His new bugs are stronger on the recent loc tests, and its possible to do near 5k damage while in FEVER mode. From what I've seen, most of the match involves Arakune turtling until his Fever is up.

Litchi - Nice loop (6C [1 hit] 623D dash in 6C etc) that ends in knockdown? She seems to have more overhead combos too from her new move (4D). She has another new move (6D) that looks like some charging-in move which is useful for longer combos.

Noel - Finally got some buffs from 4th loc test. Her combo looks pretty okay, just not as painful or easy to land as last time. Alot of her moves got changed, so it's hard to tell now.

- I dunno much about her. Everything that seems good about her got nerfed and nerfed and nerfed. She must end up at the bottom tier, but who knows?

Taokaka - Not much changes, but her rubbish throwing move is alot faster now to the extent that she might become the next Faust (from GG again).

Iron Tager
- He's on his way to top tier. 623C upper body invincibility, 5D has guard point, and a new move that does no damage but magnatizes them for free. 3rd loc test nerfed his combos though.

- Full screen hadoken from his puppet. Looks pretty funny too when people are pressuring you and they keep jumping in the middle of their strings just a avoid a possible full screen projectile. Puppet now works more like little Eddie from GG. She can only do a few moves before she needs to recharge, though she recharge pretty fast. Unlike little Eddie, she doesn't die from 1 hit.

Hakumen - Also seems more powerful in this version. He has that projectile barrier thing (hard to describe how it works), and better combos.

Rachel - Looks like she got reworked quite a bit. It also looks like she's an okizeme character now (knockdown mixup).

For some characters, I'm sorry if there're too little details. I just don't see enough videos with anything new worth mentioning. Too many Bang/Tager/Noel/Hazama/Tsubaki/Jin players. I haven't really much of A-13, Hakumen and Taokaka.

5th location test might be up soon, so keep a lookout.

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