Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I saved my weekends

Well, the past 30 days has been rather busy with tons of random stuff. I've been spending my weekends completing ME2 and MGS4 (finally get to play it). Also bought myself Hokuto Mushou for a small fortune but I'd say it's pretty well spent even if you are a small Hokuto no Ken fan.

The admission interview for Digipen is finally over, and I don't really have much comments about it. It didn't take long; it doesn't even seem like they are grilling me for data or anything, but I showed them whatever I could so I guess it'd be okay.

I've spent past few weekends at home playing ME2, MGS4, Hokuto Mushou, BFBC2, going out only to somehow end up at bugis for some BBCS. And now thanks to Jae I have a good way to practice combos (secret training).

And of course, handheld games, my only salvation in camp. I've completed Ace Attorney: Investigations. It's great to see that game take even the slightest step in another direction and yet did not falter in any other aspects. I felt the story was excellent, especially when they managed to heavily link all the chapters together, as opposed to its predecessors where chapters felt separated from each other. Maybe I should review it? I'm not sure how to though.

So yeah, spending my weekends to play games and coding on the side is really relaxing, as opposed to tiring myself out and return to camp feeling like crap. Maybe it's because I finally have some GOOD games on the shelves (thanks ZH!)

SSF4 is releasing soon and I can't wait for it :), and I wonder if I should get the new Pokemon for my DS (buy, the rom version keeps dying on me)? I hate to admit it but I actually think looks pretty good. I have been avoiding pokemon for more than a decade so why not just give it a shot?

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