Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review: "Spelunky!"

Hi everyone, sorry for the slow posts these days. I've been busy reading up stuffs, applying for my Uni and playing Bad Company as well as Mass Effect 2. So anyway I'm here to introduce yet another game!

Game Link:

Spleunky is a platformer game led by indie game developer Derek Yu. It's basically very much like NetHack on a platformer. You are given basic instructions to the game and was immediately thrown into the world, letting you discover the rest for yourself. There are no save points, no checkpoints. When you die, you die and your high score is recorded.

I have split opinions of this kind of 'NetHacky' games. For people without skills like me, it can be very frustrating. Up till now, I've barely seen the 5th level of the game, mostly because I'm too greedy at the wrong time or I don't even know what happened to me.

But ironic part is that I loved it because it gives me the sense that there are many things to explore and know about in this game. What does picking up an idol do? What's with this empty space with a evil looking object in the middle? What the hell is this item? The list goes on.

Best of all, each level is randomized so each playthrough is always different. Props to whoever did the codes.

If Derek were to ask me if his game accomplished obtaining a 'NetHacky' feel, my answer would be a 'yes'. It's great to see such polished game become popular.

Oh I didn't mention? It's going to XBLA soon in a more polished state =)

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