Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anime: "Shinryaku! Ika Musume!"

Splice of life animes don't get more random than this one >.<

Ika Musume, loosely translated as 'Squid Girl', is angry with human beings for defiling the ocean and has come to the surface to invade them. After creating a hole in the wall of a shop on a beach, she was forced to work there to pay off the damages.

The whole anime is basically about life of a girl who has squid like powers. Her 'hair' are tentacles, the 'hat' she's wearing are her fins, and she can also 'vomit' squid ink. Unfortunately for her, (and quite expectedly for us), most of the humans she encountered were not normal and some have outstanding reactions towards her, usually much to her dismay.

As an anime that is driven by its characters, I'll just go through the main characters, WITH PICTURES UNLIKE THE WIKIPEDIA ONE! =D (There are side characters, but they only appear for an episodes or two )


Ika Musume - Weird Squid Girl. Talented, genius but airheaded and ignorant.

Eiko Aizawa - Hot headed manageress of the shop. Very bad at studies.

Chizuru Aizawa - Sister of Eiko. Yandere, nuff said :p

Takeru Aizawa - Little brother of Aizawa family. Nothing special as pointed out by Ika.

Nagisa Saito - A girl who is actually scared of Ika and really believes that she is capable of an a large extent. She loves Goto. Poor girl =/

GorĊ Arashiyama - A lifeguard and childhood friend of Eiko. Loves Chizuru. Poor guy =/

Sanae Nagatsuki - Introduced as a cute, shy and polite girl, upon seeing Ika, she evolved into a really creepy stalker who is very VERY infatuated with her.

Cindy Campbell - Strange American(?) girl who works as an Investigator for some research department on alien species. She believe Ika is an alien and at a point of time, Chizuru too.


It IS a rather strange and random anime, but suffice to say it delivered pretty well. I'm honestly not sure if the excessive use and display of Ika Musume's tentacles mean anything as all the episodes seemed innocent enough. Maybe it's just my over-imagination ^^;

Here's the PV:

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