Monday, December 20, 2010

Finally, a breather!

It's been close to a month since the last update. The exams and projects have finally come to an end and the 3 week holiday has begun. I still can't believe a month has passed. Everything was incredibly hectic and busy. I haven't been playing much games for the past 3 months and couldn't find the motivation to review them, especially since I do not have time to complete them.

As for the game project, I really do not mind showing it to everyone, but I'm still unsure about the copyright issues related to it. I was told that it's okay to show by my classmates, but I would rather play safe I guess. But do look out for it! I've already passed it to a couple of people for them to try =)

I wanted to do many things during this 3 weeks, and I really hope it doesn't pass by too quickly. The Monster Hunter craze has started again with it's new game (Monster Hunter 3) and it's pushing everyone's priorities away, myself included. Finally all of us are desperate enough cohesively to play Monster Hunter together. It shows how sad MMORPGs are nowadays; there are just too many better alternatives. And Cataclysm is not helping.

On a final note, after observing my stats, I found that it is much better to write guides than reviews. So I will try my best to post more guides from various games and cut down on my reviews. I also find that it's much more productive that way. Speaking of guides, I might post maths/programming related stuff here, although to what extent I have not decided.

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