Sunday, December 15, 2013

L2P thoughts

So last week, L2P came and went mostly uneventfully thankfully.

I was there on Saturday signing up for Blazblue's 3v3 tournament mostly expecting to lose so that I can provide commentary alongside Yensen. I did play my best, though I feel that I am very out of sync with the game mechanics. Overall, I need to thank Doctor for being such a nice guy and letting go of his spot despite the screw ups within my team, allowing 1 new face and 1 oversea player to experience the tournament. Again, with every major Blazblue event, there seem to always have new people joining in.

Marvel tourney was surprising as well, reaching over 30 players AND running smoothly on top of all the other tournaments. Seriously where did all these Marvel players come from? It's great to play Marvel again despite our love-hate relationship. It's great that I can still do my combos without warming up! I didn't get very far though after failing to beat Zero May Cry. Yensen did pretty well, except for dying to Rx who never really played the game.

I spent most of my time hungry, thirsty and doing commentary. Looking back at the stream, I think I did fine except that I really need to cover my mike when I'm talking to others. I was really enjoying myself there too much. Blazblue really changed a lot. Long ago during CS1 days, I found Blazblue really difficult to commentate. The game was slow and the top tiers were running clinics and 'movies'. Heck the 'movies' weren't even fun to watch since chances of dropping it were close to none. Now the game is faster and characters have more flexibility to cater for player's creativity. Really fun to commentate.

Marvel is insane though. Seriously, commentating Marvel is an enjoyable experience. Yensen needs to stop giving up commentating because it was 'too hype' ^^; 

Overall it was a great week. I won't be there for the next event at The Gaming Entertainment E-sports Exhibition because I'm going to Japan!

Really appreciate everyone running and helping out in the event. Jjjjynx, Moca, Yongde, Xian, Farp, Edz and many many others. The event would be nothing without them.

And of course, our cosplayers!

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