Sunday, December 15, 2013

[HobbyRPG] Menus!

Progress seems slow for the past couple of months, with my weekends either packed to the brim with events, or just me falling sick. Either ways, progress must somehow be made so here goes:

As expected, this inventory system takes a pretty long time to develop behind the scenes, especially since we were busy these 2 months, with concerts, live viewing, fighting game events, forcing myself to clear my backlog of games and being sick during my free time. I did felt that it would take under 2 months to complete so thankfully it did.

Only that I am absolutely clueless about RPG UI design on touch screen.

It's annoying when I could probably whip out a non-touch-screen design easily but couldn't do the same for touch. There is just so many considerations to take note of and it is rather painful at this moment to shift elements around. So I just whipped up the basic functions and moved my elements so that it is at least usable to me. Making sense of it and catering to players will have to wait =(

Setting up the UI requires a lot more work at the background. XML loading, LUA, additional macros to my XLS and new CSVs started popping out as development progresses. It may not look like much but it's feels like more work done compared to the other components that are in place now. It even involves a rather retarded bug fix within cocos2d-x that should not have happened.

Well, at least I'm going to start moving on to other gameplay elements like transitioning to another map. 

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