Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

I guess New Year is a great time to sit back and reflect over how everything went for the past entire year. This is gonna be yet another 'New Year Reflection' post that is most probably meant for no one else but mine to see. Why post it? Well, I dunno, maybe some bored people at home are curious.

Seriously though, I have never done a post like this before, but this year is special. It marks the end of the first Japan trip and my return from studying a semester abroad, my graduation, obtain my first job, finishing a hobby project, starting another hobby project, getting a new computer, my second japan trip which I JUST returned from...I don't think THIS many things happened in a year before. I can just imagine writing a New Year reflection post 2 years back and go "well, studies hurhur" or 5 years back and go "well, NS herpyderpy".

Many great things happened it's gonna be hard to recount them all, but the best part was going to Chihara Minori's concert in Japan. Goddammit I so want to reverse time again and again  to see her perform. I loved her latest singles and albums more than the others so in a sense my attendance there was incredibly timely! I cannot thank Weiwei and Yonghan for making this happen enough. It's enough to make be happy for the rest of my 10-day stay in Japan.

Then to recount other great things. AFA2013 Anisong was awesome as I recounted before in a previous post. The 'bo liao' moe-moe animes this year was godlike with Kiniro Mosaic and Non Non Biyori that lightened my day every morning before I go to work. Then we go on to talk about graduation and work...generally it was great despite the ups and downs. Sure I miss my free time and all, but work is still fun. I'm actually happy that I finally managed to achieve my childhood dream of 'doing something I enjoy and get paid' that I yearned for, grind for and studied for many many years. In that sense, thank the Singapore government, NYP, SIT and Digipen for literally what feels like giving me and my friends the red carpet towards our working life. It's insanely coincidental how everything just piece together.


Next year will be so busy. Games to play (esp with my spankin' new 3DS LL!), animes to look forward to (Yuki Nagato-chan?!), hobby to work on, etc. Tons of stuff to look forward to! 

Oh well, I'll just keep it as short as I can and end it here. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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