Friday, May 22, 2015

Momoko In Eorzea Part 4: "New weapons and getting ready for Heavensward!"

Heavensward is coming in around a month time! So some of us are kicking into the gear of clearing as much content as we can before it hits.

Well, firstly, we cleared T9 for the first time as an FC! It was a swell journey, hiccups here and there but we finally cleared it. 


I got my monetary goal! I think when I started this goal, desync level was zero, only had half my crafting levels at 50. Since then, I have been PVPing semi-regularly to farm wolf marks for i70 gear to desync and getting all my crafters to 50 (armorer is now 43!). It was painful trying to gather all the materials when you are not rich in game -_-

Anyway, now I can finally move on to other goals ^_^;;

Thirdly, I have been leveling my Black Mage. Black Mage is ridiculous in this game and I'm not talking about dps-wise, though they are the only class who are able to see sick numbers appear in one blow. 

The reason for trying out Black Mages, other than the novelty factor of 'trying out a new class', is because from a design point of view, Black Mages seem to get everything good. As I level up, the class felt exponentially better. What other Black Mages said is definitely true; past level 30, Black Mages just seems to become more fun. The other classes I played just do not have to same feel to me, although they are overall fun in their own right once you hit the max level.

Oh and lastly, I completed my Zeta!

Well I actually completed it a month ago around the time I went Tioman (if you read my previous posts), but there I was a little too busy to blog about anything since then.

Don't you think it looks like crap? I kinda miss my old staff. I took a picture of it so that I will feel miserable about my Zeta.

Heavensward in a month! Gotta get ready!

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