Monday, May 4, 2015

April 2015 update!

It's April and a month more to my birthday! 

So me and a group of friends did a 3-day Tioman retreat. For those who don't know, Tioman is a nice island off the coast of Malaysia. It's nice to experience life with almost no internet for 3-days. Some of my friends went for a full snorkeling, but I was more in a slack-ish mode and really only wanted to eat Ramly burgers, drink beer and sleep ^^;;

We did fishing though! We had pics of it too, but my friend hadn't uploaded it yet. It's pretty nice to see like...really blue seas and skies. I'll probably drop pics here when it's up...which is probably...gonna be awhile.

Also had a glorious BBQ at the beach in the night. I was mildly intoxicated enough to ask my friends (and Heber aka Johnny Tseng) to help me create this glorious picture for our FF14 Free Company!

All in all, the trip's pretty great! Took my mind off stuff in general. But damn the mosquitos at night are brutal -_-;;

Aside from that, I'm can't really say much about work stuff here, but things have been quite hectic. Lots of things are happening internally which I can't really say much about but from the company's general point of view, it's progress. I'm still trying to fit into my new role, and still trying to figure out the future. 

Because things are...happening, it emphasizes that I should not stay past midnight anymore. Which means that I need to somehow make myself tired and knockout at night, since for some reason, my brain gets active after midnight.

Other than that, I'm just going to share some stuff I thought about at the end of the month. Fighting games are pretty much done and over with to me. I haven't been training anything in fighting games for close to 2 months, and it looks like it's going to stay this way. This is mostly due to lack of time, and other dedications like side projects, FF and the desire to actually play more games. Street Fighter 5 don't really interest me all that much either. Mike Ross is right. You don't 'quit' fighting games. You just fade away from it. 

But I just started going back to Hearthstone! Like...finally. This is thanks to it being ported to Android phones. Been trying to see and watch what the meta is. Hearthstone is really a tilting as hell game but meeeeh there are some really cool stuff you can do in the game which I find pretty fun like Reincarnating Kel'Thuzard and stuff.

The year ahead is pretty exciting for me though! LiSA concert at July, Eir Aoi concert at October, I might fly to America at the end of the year and maybe even take the chance to drop by Japan on the way back!

Oh yes, the new Nagato Yuki anime has been airing for some time too...I hope Japan isn't flooded with merchandises by then -_-;;

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