Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anime: "Lucky Star"

Well this have to come eventually. Today we review about a very popular anime: Lucky Star. A bit of background, Lucky Star was a 4-koma (or panel) comic strip manga written by Kagami Yoshimizu, adapted into an anime.

Lucky Star tells the life of a bunch of schoolgirls, the main 4 cast being:
Konata, long blue haired loli girl who is an avid otaku.
Kagami, the down-to-earth tsundere type, has a secret interest towards yaoi doujinshi.
Tsukasa, the short hair, moe-bait, shy and air-headed sister of Kagami.
Miyuki, the intelligent but economics dunce pink hair girl with developed chest.

What really makes Lucky Star memorable are all the characters. All of them are kind of representations of different stereotypes. There are characters such as the pedophilia Konata's dad, Kuroi-sensei who not only homeroom teacher for Konata but also plays the same MMO, the overly excitable cop Yui :3, the foreigner otaku Patricia who thinks Akihabara is a japanese cultural site, the meganekko mangaka Hiyori
, the quiet and reserved Minami, the sickly little cousin Yutaka...the list just goes on.

Along with the interesting conversations the 4 main characters can come up with, Lucky Star has many spoofs from many different otaku related stuff. Examples include the Initial D-style racing scene, the Super Robot Wars scene, and even a Haruhi cosplay cafe (some of the seiyuus from Haruhi voice acts in Lucky Star, with Aya Hirano being Konata herself).

Before the end of every episode, there will be a scene called "Lucky Channel", where super idol Akira and her assistant Shiraishi (same name as the voice actor) will start to talk about random stuff, which usually end up with Akira sulking and Shiraishi wrapping everything up.

When credits roll, the first half of Lucky Star episodes will let you listen to the main 4 characters singing Karaoke from behind a door. Every episode one of them will sing a different song, and these songs are from old animes like Dragon Ball's OP. The second half of the episodes will show the real Shiraishi (the seiyuu himself that is) singing and performing, usually ending up a bit ridiculous and funny.

So that's about wraps up Lucky Star. It is definitely an anime aimed towards otakus with all its references (they even mentioned 2ch once). Even if you are not an otaku, it has some random conversations that relate to real life (like how normal people don't realize the subtle mistakes of an artist).

And for those who whines about this anime not having character development or whatever, remember where the anime comes from: adapted from a 4-koma comic strip. 4-koma comic strips either have very very very very slow development, or none at all.

Overall, I recommend this anime :3
NOTE: There's already an OVA out somewhere. It has Kagami cosplaying Hatsune! :p

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