Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marksman $$$!!!

I haven't updated recently mostly due to my fatigue. I haven't been this tired for a long time. I never thought I would be tired. Basically I went for my ATP shoot last Friday just to try to steal the $200 award (cleared by FFI for the run-down) from SAF. Halfway through the whole shoot, my upper body began to ache. The FIFTY friggin' meters run-down almost had me killed.

Still, I managed to get my Marksman (yay for SAR21, the main reason why I wanted to go for the shoot). It was unexpectedly a pain in the ass but I finally got something out of SAF. Subsequently the next day, I didn't feel like moving around. It's the same feeling that I got after every outfield. Maybe my back is actually getting worse? =(

Anyway, aside from army stuff, I returned Darksiders to YH. I didn't review because I haven't been through a quarter of the game yet, but right now, I'm under the impression that it is a really irritating and tedious version of Zelda games.

I haven't been playing much of the new games, though I'm rather keen on borrowing Mass Effect 2. But since I'm constrained to portable consoles, I'm sticking to replaying Xenogears, which my whole office ended up playing lol. The game is great and all, but the camera's really fucked up. I'm surprised I didn't notice that before (because I was young and innocent? I guess being ignorant is good).

I'm actually saving money, despite buying the $115 Kirisame Marisa nendoroid this month. Maybe because I haven't been spending on Weiss Schwarz recently. Then again Da Capo reprint is out so I might end up spending a little. But saving feels great.

Right now, I'm just blogging on my INet com (instill jealousy! mwahaha!), having just returned from watching Alice in Wonderland with my colleagues. It's really a show I'm HAVE to review, not because it's good. It's not necessarily bad either, but I can see why some gave it a 6/10. In short for now, all I can say it's a roller coaster ride for me, that ended up going downhill.

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