Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review: "AltShift"

Game Link: AltShift

As mentioned at the last post, I was searching for rather innovative games around various sites like AltShift displays one of the most innovative things I've seen. It starts out as a normal platformer, teaching you basic stuff like walking, jumping and restarting the game, etc.

Then it showed me it's main idea.

[futile attempt at describing]
AltShift happened to be monochrome in its color scheme for a reason. For the first few levels, your character (which is black, no racist comment intended) walks on black platforms. Press a button and the world will flips 180 degrees, causing gravity to tilt accordingly.

Your character will flips upon its origin (actually its more like reflection) and become white. With that button, you effectively become a white character walking on white platforms.
[/end futile attempt]

I know that sounded fuzzy, so I took screenshots to illustrate clearly.

Try the game. It's free for trial and I believe it's a good experience. For me, I still find it a mindfuck to think about how my character becomes white walking on white platform since I'm more used to the black counterpart. I'll just take it that as black I can access white parts, and as white I can access black parts.

It's hard not to make this article sound racist or weird =/

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