Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh the Irony of me

You know, I've been blogging about games for a couple of years now. I've also been ranting about things happening in my life here and there, but I've never blogged about what takes up most of my time. Ironic, isn't it?

Honestly, I don't spend all my time playing different PS3 or X360, that's why my reviews are slow and usually dated. Else, I could've reviewed a hell lot more stuff. I just realized not long ago that I've never, or hardly, blogged about the things I do with most of my free time.

Firstly, there's fighting games. I been playing fighting games more than anything else. It's very safe to say that I go down to the nearby arcade as often (or maybe more) as a good Christian goes to church. If I remember right, I started visiting the arcade since 2004/5. Still, not a single post I've made to this blog.

I think posting about fighting games just...breaks the blog. To a lesser extent, RTS as well. I could never look at them as single player games. It just doesn't feel right to say "Stage 8 of SSF4 is quite hard" because I'm under the impression that you don't play fighting games or RTS' to play the single player mode. You play to compete and pit your skills against other opponents. When I get Starcraft 2, I don't think I'll be posting a review on it. Maybe videos of awesome things happening like the Pimpest Plays I posted quite some time ago, but that's all.

I can really go on and on about this but you get the point: I'm not going to blog about my fighting games stuff. If I were to start posting about it, it will really become extremely one-side for my blog. Every week you will just see repeated posts with embedded videos going "Haha, epic shoryuken at 0:58" or "Nice IB into great damage at 1:31". It will just become a news center, which there are better sites to go to.

Then, there are projects. If I wanted to save money and stay at home, I will spend most of it doing some projects. Back then I spent a lot of time attempting to integrate N+'s physics into my codes which I thankfully succeeded well enough to put it aside until I have more free time to properly change it into a nice system in C++.

With that aside, I'm still helping YH on his game project, although it's becoming stagnant as of late. I can't spare the details why, but basically it's a bit hard to work when there is limited manpower and concepts. What can I say? We are all working for free so it's hard to get the right motivation at times.

Again, I didn't blog about about that. And I can't. But it does takes up some of my time.

So what is the conclusion? Well, I think the reason I started this post was because suddenly I realized that there isn't enough variations of stuff I'm posting. After thinking, I realized I can't post about them. Typing tutorials for games programming will take a ridiculous amount of effort per topic which I'm not willing to invest my time on. And I've already stated my reasons for fighting games. Both or these are hobbies which I spend regular amount of time on for the past...many many years?

A bit ironic isn't it? That I start about blog to post my views and my ideas, and yet not a single thing I posted is about the 2 things I spend most of my time on: Fighting Games and Games Programming. They are, technically, still about games and that's what this blog is all about.

Still, with reasons I've stated above, I guess I have to blog about different things. 4E DnD is a good start, and I've seen some interesting game mechanic implementations recently. So yes, maybe I'll start there.

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