Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: "Sonny"

Armor Games have a huge list of games, most of them clones of one another with a little twist. I figured I was going almost nowhere trying the game kind of game one after another, so I dropped by the forum to see if there's any recommendation.

That's where I stumbled upon Sonny. Well, the game isn't much, but considering it's probably made by one person (Krin), and considering its polish-ness and features, I can see why many people love it.

Sonny is essentially very much like a turn-based combat JRPG, minus the dungeon crawling portion. If you have played FF:Mystic Quest, you might see some resemblance in initiating combat. Every part of the 'world map' has three functions for you to advance: The Shop, The Training Fight (take it as the random encounter version of Sonny), and the Plot Advancement.

When you start the game, you will be asked to pick one of the four 'archetypes', each one highly affecting your stat growth, so read the description carefully and pick what you really want to play. The skill tree in Sonny is shared amongst all the archetypes so don't be confused when you see a skill that doesn't make sense to you (like a Destroyer that can pick Magic Bolt).

Other than that, Sonny is very well done as a whole. It has decent voice acting, interesting plot, good animations and graphics and a skill list that looks semi-abusable yet fun. The background music might be a little off considering the setting, but it's still good. It serves a respec button if you need to reset your stats and skills, and also an autosave function. I'm not sure if the saving function is cookie based though and I don't really want to risk it just to see if it wipes my character or not =)

Overall, Sonny came out clean and polished with almost all the features you can find in a basic JRPG game. If you have loads of time in your hands, or just bored after doing some work, Sonny is a game to try out.

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