Thursday, October 16, 2014

GameStart Asia 2014!

So 1 week from now, I will most probably be helping out at GameStart's PlayStation Arena to host the 3v3 Guilty Gear Xrd team tournament and also introduce the game to others. The Guilty Gear Fighting game series had been a rather big part of my life at one point long ago so naturally I am excited to catch a glimpse of its newest edition.  It's gonna be big, it's gonna be exciting, it's gonna be a lot of catching up with players I haven't seen in at least half a friggin' decade.

I'm being an old man here, but it's incredible to see how fighting games has grown, with companies actively reaching out to our small communities and supporting in various events and tournaments. All this was really but a dream back then.

Anyway, back to GameStart. It has quite a number of interesting events to watch out for as far as fighting games are concerned. On top of the Guilty Gear Xrd 3on3, we also have Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost tournament (thanks to Bandai Namco) and the Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter will also be there.

Outside of that, there's a few company booths I would most definitely drop by (like INZEN dundundun!! ^o^) as well as a few games I would be interested in looking at, and of course cosplays.

Seems like a swell weekend ahead ^^

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