Monday, April 6, 2015

Momoko In Eorzea Part 2: Easter!

Hi all!

Easter has come and gone yesterday, both in Eorzea and in real life. Since this is officially the first time I'm doing an Easter related event, I actually consulted the Great Wikipedia to now more about it since I'm not Christian. As usual, Wikipedia was filled with too much random details that confused me, but what I do understand is:

1) Christian Holiday?
2) It's 2 days after Good Friday, which is a public holiday here!
3) Easter eggs started off red, symbolizing the blood of Christ
4) The eggs are a symbol of an empty tomb
5) Easter Bunny is Santa Claus of Easter

Now I'm an eggspert in Easter! (I guess not)

Egg yolks aside, I finally completed the Eorzea Easter event! I happen to have a set to dress for the occasion! 

You get to turn into a spriggen this time, though I'd wish you can get a nice spriggen outfit as a reward. Instead I got some egg-ly earring. It's a bit hard to see, but luckily I'm a Lalafell and I'm closer to the floor! (It's still kinda hard to see though...)

On to a sidenote, I completed the Moggle Delivery Quests over the weekend. The stories for each quest are actually not bad, with a few of them actually being good. The image below just me confused over how this scholar-ly looking Lalafell is actually a swearword-cussing pirate-sounding marauder named RATATA -_-;;


Ah, it was all worth it in the end ^_^

Happy Easter!

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