Thursday, April 2, 2015

Momoko In Eorzea Part I: Introduction!

Heavensward expansion is just around the corner, so what better time to jump start this little blog by chronicling what I spend most of my time doing after work: Final Fantasy XIV!

Let's go!!!

First, a few introductions!

A bit of myself. I have been playing MMOs since I was 14 I think (man it feels so long ago). Started with Everquest saving 1 dollar a day, then to the now defunc City of Heroes, to Final Fantasy 11, to Guild Wars, to World of Warcraft on it's launch, then to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, then to Guild Wars 2 and finally here I am at Final Fantasy XIV. As one would expect, I'm no stranger to MMO mechanics as I have breathed them as much as I lived them.

Why FF14?

There are really a multitude of reasons. There is firstly, of course, the Final Fantasy brand. Riding chocobos in FF11 made me happy. Riding Magitek Armor on FF14 makes my FF6 fanboy scream in delight.

But aside from that, FF14 is polished and clean. I played so many MMOs and some felt clunky, slow and occasionally painful to play at certain parts, but FF14 has a very polished feel, much like WoW has.  If I have to bring up examples, Guild Wars 2 had an incredibly painful menu (I can't remember which one) which slowed my PC to a crawl despite me able to run WvW at 40+ fps.

Honestly I did not expect to play FF14 for this long, that's why I didn't start this earlier. There are points where I felt like there is nothing more to do and that there is nothing worth talking about, but that is because I have only been doing 1 kind of content. But hey, now there's so much stuff to do ever since I went into the crafting business and PVP. And since Yoshida decided to release Golden Saucer last patch, the things for the middle-end player base seems to be limitless, and it could only get better from here.

Unless Tree of Saviors turn out to be super kickass, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon, especially since I have invested so much time already in FF14, and that our little Free Company is so awesome to hang around. I even get to practice a bit of Japanese too with the Japanese players!

Eorzea has become like a third home to me much like how Norrath was mine a dozen years ago.

And our FC just banded together to clear the latest Steps of Faith Trial! The trial is so different from the previous trials that it's very refreshing! Instead of the usual tank/healer/dps fight, it's more of an objective driven fight. Maybe there are more of it's kind in the future? Some old dungeons have been playing around with this kind of idea for quite some time so perhaps we'll see more interesting mechanics in the future!

This is Momoko, signing off~!

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